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21 Oct 2020




The Strategy of Sports Shooting: Softball

Softball season is almost over where I am from, which means that the playoffs are coming around. If you have kids in Softball then you are likely going to be trying hard to get great shots of your children during the playoffs. Today I wanted to share some strategy tips for planning out your sports shoot to give you maximum coverage.


Comparing the Different View Modes in Lightroom 4

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about the four View Modes within the Library Module that can help you view and compare your images more effectively and efficiently. Each View mode serves a different purpose and function in your photographic workflow. Learn more on how to use the Grid, Loupe, Compare, and Survey.

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Photography Workshops: Why Attend?

Attending a workshop is a valuable way for photographers to accelerate their learning of their craft. Whether it is a shooting workshop, a post-processing workshop, or a business workshop, you can learn a lot more in one day or one weekend than from just reading tutorials all day long online. Not all workshops are created equal, however, so before you spend your money, be sure to do a little bit of research on both the instructors and the workshop itself.