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Photography News
This doesn't look good for any of us.
News & Insight
The internet has long been a Wild West of sorts regrading content. While there are laws in place to protect copyrighted works, the average internet...
The internet, for all its wonderful abilities to let us keep up with news as it happens, reach a target audience for a product or service, find...
Tips & Tricks
Your pocket-guide and primer to Copyright from people who specialize in it.
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Are you a malicious photographer?
News & Insight
An SLRL reader found out her work was being used commercially without her consent and asked what she could do. My response was bleak, but there are...
Featured Artists
Jared Gant Ascent Award Winner Wedding Portraiture
Ray Sawyer Summit Award Winner Wedding Portraiture
Owik Prasetya Apex Award Winner Wedding Portraiture