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21 Apr 2024

How We Shot It


Photography Basics

The Milky Way in Rhyolite Ghost Town – How We Shot It

Even though my full-time job is wedding photography, my photographic hobby is the polar opposite! I enjoy photographing nightscapes in the desert, the more remote the better! Here is a relatively easy-access location, Rhyolite Ghost Town, which is just outside of Death Valley National Park. I have been photographing this bank’s cement skeleton now since 2005, and it never disappoints!


US Navy Blue Angels – How We Shot It

Shooting air shows is the best situation (actually, the only) I shoot in for demonstrating the use of shutter priority mode. People often think that shutter priority is what you use to shoot fast action because you want to dictate a very fast shutter speed, when in fact most action sports photographers get the same result by simply shooting in aperture priority with their aperture wide open.