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19 Oct 2021




New H.265 Codec Offers ProRes 4444 Quality at 1% of the File Size!

The biggest problem with shooting video these days is the sheer amount of space that it can require, especially when you are shooting with high quality codecs or high resolutions like 4K. H.264 is a popular web codec because it holds enough data that it looks good but is small enough to stream over the web easily. An updated new version of H.264 offers high quality Prores 444 type quality at under 1% of the file size!


Canon 5D III H.264 vs ML RAW Test

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few weeks you should no doubt know by now that ML has enabled RAW video on the 5D III. I just came across this great video test put together by Dave Dugdale in which he compares the 5D III’s standard h.264 file with the Magic Lantern RAW output file.

Black Magic Design Cameras

5D Mark III vs Blackmagic Cinema Camera | What’s the King of HD Videos?

The Canon 5D has been the dominant player in the Sub-$4000 HD Camera market. Now, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is looking to dethrone the Canon 5D as the new king of HD cinema camera. One River Media compared both cameras in dynamic range, sharpness, pushing levels, banding, artifacts, rolling shutter, chromakeying, wide/telephoto lengths, DOF (depth of field), low light, macro blocking, contrast, and more.