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28 Nov 2022




Is Canon’s New Dual Pixel Sensor a Game Changer?

As we touched on briefly a few days back, Canon’s new 70D is coming out with a brand new Dual Pixel sensor, Canon is labeling the new technology a Game Changer. The new sensor captures images in a way that is unlike previous CMOS sensors, and the benefits to AF during video capture are amazing… at least that is what Canon wants us to believe. But is this new technology really Game Changer status?


Canon Holds #1 DSLR Marketshare Worldwide

Today Canon sent out a press release announcing that they have continued to hold the #1 marketshare in DSLR cameras, based on volume, worldwide over the last 10 years (2003-2012). The numbers are based on a survey taken by Canon itself. You can find the full press release at the bottom of this article, or you can find it on Canon’s website here.