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24 Sep 2020



Tips & Tricks

How You Shot it: Adrienna by Reynaldo Vento

On location photoshoots are great because even if you don’t have anything specific in mind, you can use your surroundings to create some interesting shots. Take a look at how Reynaldo Vento created two different style from the same general location and check out the different post-processing approach that he used for each image.


How We Shot it – Environmental Portrait with Singer-Songwriter Sabrina

This environmental portrait is part of an editorial assignment that I had for Sabrina Claudio, an up-and-coming young singer-songwriter from Florida. In an environmental portrait, the surrounding tells just as much of the visual story as the subject. The client also wanted the lighting to look natural, so the trick here is to add just enough ambient lighting to balance out the three Einstein monolight strobes that I used to light this image.