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17 Aug 2022



Tips & Tricks

DIY Rain Guard Made from Empty CD Spindle

If you’re the sort that likes to DIY everything under the sun (or clouds) then I’ve got just the project for you. The guys over at DIY Photography have put together another great option for those of you looking to make a rain cover and can’t afford the $6 for an OP/TECH 18-Inch rainsleeve that come two in a pack (can you sense the sarcasm?).

Tips & Tricks

DIY Lego Lens Cap Holder

Anyone who has grown up during that last 20 or so years has probably had some form of Lego (or Lego knock off) toys as a child, and anyone who has an SLR has probably misplaced a lens cap or two. Why not bring back some of that nostalgia and use your old favorite toys to help you keep track of that ever elusive lens cap!