17 Nov 2019
Gear Reviews

New Kodak P&S Announced

It was only just last year that Kodak announced that they would be phasing out and stopping production on all of their cameras. It seemed that the Kodak brand was all but done for, that was until company entered a licensing deal with JK Imaging. The deal gave JK Imaging the rights to produce cameras branded with the Kodak name.

Gear Reviews

Leica: Is it really worth the price tag?

No doubt if you have been into photography for any amount of time you have heard of the Leica and the expensive price tag that the name demands. I, like most of you, have never even touched a leica but I assumed the image quality and features were top notch for such a price. That was until I saw these latest rankings courtesy of DxOMark in which the Leica M9, M9 P, and M-E Typ 220 earned really bad scores when compared to other DSLRs.

Gear Reviews

Turn your life into one giant photoblog with Memoto

Have you ever wanted to just keep a visual journal of your life down to the minute? Me either, but in case you answered yes then you need to take a look at this new Memoto camera. The device is a small lapel-esq camera about the size of an SD card that clips to your clothing. The catch is that every 30 seconds the camera snaps a picture, which is then sent through the company’s software and is added to your lifeblog (yes that is what they are calling it).

Gear Reviews

Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount Utilizes Headphone Jack

I’m the mother of three kids and, unless I’m specifically planning on taking pictures of them on a given day, I generally don’t lug my giant DSLR and lenses around in my diaper bag. I’m also notorious for losing point-and-shoot cameras so, by default, most of our daily lives are documented photographically with my smart phone. While taking pictures with my phone is convenient, I’m always cringing a little at the poor quality of all these snapshots of my kids, which are usually caused by poor lighting conditions and camera shake.