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07 Dec 2021




My Journey into the Creative Cloud

Its been a little while now since Creative Cloud (CC) was officially released to the world. Many of you refuse to give it a try based on the principle of it all, and I applaud you for that. I wanted to see what it was all about though, and so – using my student discount – I have given it a go. Its been a few weeks now and so I figured I would give an update on CC and how it has worked for me.


Adobe Releases Lightroom 4.4 & Camera Raw 7.4

Adobe has just released the latest versions of Lightroom and Camera RAW. If you have not already, you should get a little prompt the next time that you load up Lightroom or Camera Raw that will allow you to download the latest version. If you are impatient or for whatever reason you have not received that notification via lighroom/acr then you can also download it via adobes website.