Syrp has been a Kickstarter success story if there ever was one. Ever since the successful funding of the Genie, the company has taken steps to expand. Recently, the company added their Magic Carpet slider to their product pool, and today, I am happy to announce that their Variable ND filter is now available as well.


The variable ND filter lets you prevent 1 to 8.5 stops of light from entering your lens, allowing for faster apertures and shallower depth of field in bright conditions. The Syrp ND Filter is available in a small 67mm filter size and a larger 82mm filter size, and both come with a lens cleaning cloth and step-up up rings included. The filter also comes in a spiffy zip up leather pouch.

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Syrp Variable ND Filter Specs


  • Smooth sliding action of front ring for seamless exposure transitions.
  • Provides exposure reduction of 1 Stop (ND2) to 8.5 Stops (ND400) of light.
  • Special glass coating made in Japan to help prevent flare, as well as scratches and oily fingerprints.
  • Neutral color temperature that will not affect the colors in your image.
  • Solid aluminum and glass construction.
  • Designed to fit your regular lens cap
  • Includes Genuine leather case
  • Includes 2 step-up rings to fit all your lenses

This is a high quality filter and comes with a lot of extras that many other filters do not come with. The Syrp Variable ND filter also isn’t exactly for the budget conscious, but is far from the most expensive Variable ND out there, too.

The Syrp Variable ND starts at $139 for the 62mm size, and goes up to $189 for the 82mm size. If you are interested in learning more about the Syrp ND Filter (or any of their products) or maybe you want to purchase one, you can head over to their website here for all the details.