Syrup appears to have a great sense of what today’s visual creatives need. Whether you’re shooting a film or product photography, if you’ve ever thought “I wish I had a…”, Syrp products seem to fill in that blank.

Their latest release, the Magic Carpet Pro, is a slider which is built to meet the durability demands of supporting professional cinema cameras. If you want to safely add smooth and engaging movement to your shots, this might be worth your consideration.

Product Highlights


 – Flywheel weight: 1.16 lbs (0.525kg)

 – Bubble Level for Precise Track Levelling

 – Carriage Brake for Safe Transport

 – Syrp Quick Release System


 – Horizontal: 70 lbs (32Kg)

 – Horizontal with Track Joiner extension: 50 lbs (23Kg)

 – Vertical (with camera up to 250mm out from carriage): 24.2 lbs (11Kg)

 – Upside Down: 50 lbs (23Kg)

Mounting Options:

 – 1 mounting point per Short Track – 1/4″ and 3/8″ UNC thread

 – 2 mounting points per Medium Track – 1/4″ and 3/8″ UNC thread

 – 1 mounting point on each End Cap (2 per track) – 1/4″ and 3/8″ UNC thread

The Magic Carpet Pro will come in three track lengths to accommodate a variety of your filmmaking needs. However, these aren’t three distinct models. The Magic Carpet Pro is a modular system designed to give you the flexibility of extending or reducing your track length. This will be particularly helpful to budget-constrained shooters as it allows you to extend your track after your initial purchase.

Short  – $989

  • 2′ (600mm)
  • 10.78 lbs (1.76Kg) – Includes End Caps + Carriage

Medium (3′ or 900mm) – $1,089

  • 3′ (900mm)
  • Medium Track: 12.65 lbs (2.2Kg) – Includes End Caps + Carriage

Short + Medium Combo – $1,469

  • 7.56″ (192mm)
  • 2ft + 3ft Combo Kit: (Medium Track + Short Track): 16.28 lbs (7.4Kg) – Includes End Caps + Carriage

If you want to take a ride on Syrp’s Magic Carpet, you can pre-order yours here.

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