genie-miniNew Zealand based timelapse & film equipment maker, Syrp, has announced their newest product, the Genie Mini.  At just 8.1 oz and $249 (pre-orders available on B&H), it is definitely living up to its name!


The original Genie which we reviewed HERE is a rock-solid (3.3 lb) device that offers either panning or sliding motion. It costs $889  and its ingenious design allows it to be adapted to any type of dolly, slider, or cable system.

The only drawback of the original Genie was that it could only do one thing at a time; panning or sliding.  Now, by adding the lightweight and compact Genie Mini on top of the main Genie device, you can effortlessly achieve both panning and sliding motion together.


The Genie Mini also works by itself, of course, and is programmed using a smartphone via Bluetooth.


Charging is done by USB, and the Genie Mini battery can last for 40+ hrs of timelapse recording or 5+ hrs of video recording; which is mighty impressive considering the 8.1 oz weight!

Syrp also offers a slider, the Magic Carpet, which comes in two lengths: 2.6 ft for $298 and 5.2 ft for $368.

Exciting Timelapse Photography Made Affordable

The Genie Mini joins an ever-increasing market of timelapse equipment.  Based on our reviewing and testing of both the original Genie and the Magic Carpet slider, we’re quite sure that the Genie Mini will be a killer product once it gets out into the real world!


Have you dabbled in Timelapse photography / video yet?  What is your setup?  We’d love to hear your comments below, or share your work and get positive and constructive critique in our SLR Lounge Facebook Group!

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