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Surrounded by Millions of Jellyfish | Photographs by Nadia Aly

By Hanssie on March 17th 2014

I’ve always been fascinated by sea life. In high school, I was the cool kid in art class that drew murals of Orcas, had posters of dolphins up on my walls and covered my notebook with photos of my trips to Sea World. (And no, I didn’t have a boyfriend, if you were wondering).  There’s something about the sea that is mysterious and daunting, especially if there is not a thick piece of glass separating you and the creatures below.


Underwater photographer Nadia Aly gets up close and personal to sea creatures daily as part of her job. She left the corporate world to chase her dream of traveling and began Scuba Diver Life, a group who shares the love of scuba diving. Recently, Nadia was diving in Palau, in Jellyfish Lake, aptly named for the millions of jellyfish that inhabit the algae rich waters. Each day the jellyfish migrate from one side of the lake to the other as they follow the sun. While snorkeling in the lake, Nadia found herself right in the middle of the bulbous creatures.


Because the lake has no predators, the jellyfish have evolved and have lost their sting and so people need not fear of getting stung, making the lake a popular snorkeling spot. Nadia was there over the period of several days shooting underwater and captured hundreds of shots.

Once I found them, I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of jellyfish that were around me.I was nervous, as I didn’t want to kill any with the movement of my fins as they are literally all around you.

Getting to the jellyfish, can be quite challenging, as you have to walk through the jungle, carrying not only your snorkeling equipement, but also your photography equipment, which is why Nadia chooses to travel lightly. Carrying a Canon 5D Mark ll protected by an Aquatica Housing and Wide Angle Port, Nadia also has to be aware to avoid the toxic layer in the lake when free diving.

Nadia-Aly-Jellyfish-2 Nadia-Aly-Jellyfish-3 Nadia-Aly-Jellyfish-4 Nadia-Aly-Jellyfish-5 Nadia-Aly-Jellyfish-6 Nadia-Aly-Jellyfish-7

Nadia then processes her images using the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets.  See more of Nadia Aly’s work, much of which is of underwater sea life, on her website.

via GrindTV

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Nice photos

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  2. Jacob Jexmark

    Great images!

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  3. Shayna R

    Simply amazing photos. I’m such a die hard fan of Nadia Aly’s photography. She is so incredibly talented and inspiring. Her photos make you feel like you are in the thick of the action. Her photos truly encompass the beauty of what this world has to offer. So proud of you Nadia. Thanks for capturing these sensational moments in time. Xo

    | |
  4. Brenda Blackburn

    Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing Nadia Aly’s work, her pictures are magical.

    | |
  5. Laura King

    I am a big fan of Nadia Aly’s work. She is a truly talented photographer and such an inspiration. Love the jellyfish pictures – what an amazing capture.

    | |
  6. Cameron nimmo

    Nadia Aly has some amazing photos. And these jellies are awesome with sunbursts. Can’t wait till she comes to jupiter and dives with Chapa and the shark addicts!!!

    | |
  7. David Trescot

    Awesome photographs! Keep ’em coming, Nadia!

    | |
  8. John Chapa

    What a magical moment and no one better to capture it than Nadia Aly. Nadia’s ability to capture the underworld is not only amazing but inspiring as well.

    | |
  9. Keith Trainor

    Truly amazing!!! I just love all the photos by Nadia Aly of Scuba Diver Life. She just has a way of capturing magic!! Keep up the great work Nadia. Your work is inspiring!

    | |