As photographers, we all have our dream photo shoots. We have those out of the box ideas that we want to try someday, a bucket list of creative concepts that we are just looking to execute.

For photographer Kendra Swalls of Paisley Layne Photography, one of her ideas was to photograph the moment where a man finds out he’s going to be a dad. She thought about trying it with her husband, but “knowing that I couldn’t keep a secret long enough to pull it off myself, I knew I needed to find a client that would be willing to make my idea a reality.


Kendra talked about her idea to Camille, one of her clients, during a pre-wedding shoot last year. When Camille became pregnant, she contacted Kendra to ask if she was still interested in photographing the announcement to her husband, Kyle. Of course Kendra was very excited at the prospect of being a part of the special moment. Under the ruse of taking photos for Camille and Kyle’s first Christmas card, Kendra and Camille set their plan in motion.

During the photo shoot, Kendra had both Camille and Kyle secretly write something special to each other on pieces of paper. Camille wrote, “We’re Having a Baby,” while Kyle wrote a “short essay.” Kendra then snapped a few photos of them before the big reveal. When Kyle turned around to read Camille’s note, Kendra was there to capture his priceless reaction to the happy news.

I placed them back to back, counted to 3 and waited for the reaction. It was the most perfect reaction! I am so excited for this adorable couple and can’t wait to capture more priceless moments in their life.

photographer-shoots-surprise-baby-announcement-2 baby-announcement-surprise-3 surprise-baby-announcement-4

The photos have gone viral since Kendra posted it on her blog a few weeks ago.  Congratulations, Kendra & Kyle!


baby-announcement-surprise-5 surprise-baby-announcement-6

See more of Kendra’s work on her website, Paisley Layne Photography, and follow her on Facebook here.

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