Just this last week a rumored Sigma lens, the 18-35mm 1.8, turned out to be true. This weekend a few more rumors coming out of Sigma popped up, this time regarding a new 135mm F1.8 DG OS and 24mm 1.4 DG both would fall into the Art category of Sigma’s new Global vision.


Another, albeit more loose, rumor is regarding a possible update for the current Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens. Something that I think MANY of us have been looking forward to given the quality of the lenses getting pumped out of Sigma lately.

As with all rumors the chances are greater that they are false/incorrect than true/correct, but with the quality of Sigma lenses coming out lately and the recently rumor that turned out to be true I felt it was worth sharing this news as well.


Personally I think that this is really exciting. Sigma has really upped their game here over the last year – with the likes of the 35 1.4- and I think it has become apparent that they are looking to ditch their spotty reputation. Now if the QC (Quality Control) on these new lenses is improved then I think that sigma may have hit a home run with this new direction and I feel like whomever proposed the changes at Sigma deserves some serious props.

[via Photorumors]