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Submit Your Newborn Raw Photos – Win Presets, DVDs and FAME!

By Pye Jirsa on May 30th 2013


Submit Your Newborn Raw Photos!

We are working on our upcoming Newborn Lightroom Preset Pack and Editing DVD and we need your help! As you all know, at SLR Lounge we are only interested in creating the highest quality educational products and resources. So we can test out our presets with different images, we would like you to submit your best newborn raw photos. Here are the details:

Submission Details

Submit images to

1. Please submit your best raw newborn image (1 image only)
2. If we use your image for testing, you will receive a free copy of our Newborn Preset Pack and Post Production DVD.
3. If we use your image within a tutorial, you will earn $100 for the SLR Lounge Store and your name and studio will be credited within the tutorial and article making you FAMOUS! Well, maybe not famous, but it is good recognition ;)

Image Release: By submitting your image, you are allowing SLR Lounge to feature the image within SLR Lounge tutorials. Images selected for tutorials will provide credit to the photographer and link back to the photographers website. You still own all rights to your image, and SLR Lounge will not use said image for any non-educational purpose.

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  1. J. David Jacobs

    how old a newborn is not qualified? I just took a 7 mos old portrait wed.

    | |