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Watch Flowers Bloom In This Stunning Time-Lapse That Took Three Years To Complete

By Holly Roa on May 12th 2017

Welcome to spring. For some of us it’s been a long winter, and finally seeing blossoms grow and burst open all around was a welcome respite from the chill and gloom of the darkest portion of the year. If the real-time floral awakening in your world wasn’t titillating enough for you though, filmmaker Jamie Scott has got you. Even if you reveled in the natural splendor of your own reality, or perhaps especially if you did, this is worth a look. Jamie has made an incredible 5 minute, 5k time-lapse video that shows spring in action, simply titled, “Spring.”

Using his Canon 5D Mark II, 24mm lens, and a Dynamic Perception Stage One slider he captured frame after frame of flowers as they made their transition from dormancy to bloom. In exquisite detail, we are shown each flower making its joyous worldly debut.


The process to create this time-lapse was painstaking. In all, 8TB of storage was used to hold all the data it took to put this together, and it took Jamie a staggering three years to collect it all. Some of the flowers only offer a brief window to be captured, and there was plenty of trial and error needed to figure out the best ways to coerce and record the living subjects. Lighting had to be on the flowers terms, as a divergence from top-lighting would cause them to lean toward the light source.

Fstoppers spoke with Jamie about the whole process and was given some interesting behind-the-scenes shots, so head over to their post if you’d like to see more on this fascinating project’s creation.

Also worth checking out is Jamie’s prior viral time-lapse, “Fall,” filmed in Central Park. To see more from Jamie Scott, have a look at his website and Vimeo channel.


Seattle based photographer with a side of videography, specializing in work involving animals, but basically a Jill of all trades.
Instagram: @HJRphotos

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