Iranian Photographer Hossein Zare’s digital manipulations tell a story. An otherworldy, surreal dreamlike narrative where cityscapes are mirrored, ladders are suspended from nowhere, and going to nowhere creating a visual feast for the eyes. We’ve featured his black and white minimialistic photography in a past article, and throughout Zare’s work a theme of aloneness prevails.

Viewers are left to imagine the sequence of events that leads the lone man to his solitary world and the imagery left by the ladders, tightrope walking and cloud pulling to form their own conclusions of a surreal world created by Zare’s photographs and Photoshop wizardry.


Zare’s images invites us to be onlookers in this man’s world and somehow engages us to reflect upon our own in the process.

hosseinzare1 hosseinzare2 hosseinzare4 hosseinzare6 hosseinzare08 hosseinzare9 hosseinzare10 hosseinzare12 hosseinzare15

You can see more of Hossein Zare’s work on Facebook.

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