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Study Of Pose: 1000 Poses By Coco Rocha | A Functional Pose ‘Bible’

By Kishore Sawh on October 20th 2014


One of the wonderful things about collaborations between consummate and experienced professionals, is that the product of their efforts often has a level of depth that sort of only reveals itself over time. Study Of Pose, a project collaboration between model Coco Rocha, and photographer Steven Sebring, which appears to be aiming to be the bible of poses. The tome catalogues north of 1000 poses drawing inspiration from modern and classical poses in many art fields, and many captured on a 360 degree rig.


Rocha is well noted to be fluent in her ability to hit various poses, gaining her the moniker “Queen Of Pose.” The Toronto native is an accomplished supermodel with features in almost any fashion magazine from Vogue to Elle, and has been the face of many campaigns from the likes of Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, and received critical acclaim from uber models like Naomi Campbell. Likewise, photographer/filmmaker Steven Sebring has shot for many of those same brands and magazines.

According to Dexinger, Sebring says of the project,

The Study of Pose isn’t a complicated idea, we simply wanted to document the beauty of the human form in one thousand different positions in a book that could be used as a reference, as an art object, even as entertainment.

Not standing alone at 2000 pages for the book, the team took advantage of touchscreen technology. The book is available on iPad, which will bring a sort of functional application that brings this book from something that is more than just an interesting coffee table piece, to something that is portable, effectual, and ultimately practically useful.


To those of you who may think there is no use for something like this, I’d just venture out a bit and suggest working with a new model, or a very experienced one, and perhaps in a tougher environment that’s more technically demanding, and the value should stand out.

You can order Study Of Pose here, and hear more about it from Dexinger.

Sources: Dexinger, PetaPixel, Images via featured video and Dexinger

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  1. Nick Viton

    For anyone who’s interested, you’re not going to believe this, but I actually met and chatted with Coco Rocha tonight and received an advance copy of her book, “Study of Pose, 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha”, which you can’t even buy yet.
    Aside from posting a picture of me with the book, not sure how else I can prove this. The foreward is by Jean Paul Gauthier, and starts, “In early 2007, I was casting models for my ready-to-wear collection, which had a Celtic theme.” Check out my SLRLounge port for the picture of Coco and me taken from tonight. She was very gracious as I congratulated her on her new book, as well as her upcoming baby.

    | |
  2. Nick Viton

    I’ve shot Coco Rocha.

    | |