This contest has ended. Congrats to Jessica Peterson for winning!

Everyone else, stay posted. We’ll be giving away goodies all year.


The SLR Lounge Team

Last month, The FStoppers and SLR Lounge collaborated to hold a Canon 5D Mark III/Nikon D800 Camera Giveaway. The winner had a compelling story that inspired us to do another one, but this time, we wanted to include even more goodies. In his words, “seriously, I am in shock to say the least! My wife and I decided to do photography full time 3 years ago and we have been struggling lately to keep our head above water with all our bills piling up and I was seriously contemplating taking a break from photography. I had to sell my backup camera to pay bills so this is truly a blessing! This has to be one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am so happy!”

We’re very excited to partner with Kelly Moore and the F Stoppers to bring you the Studio Jump Start Giveaway! We know how hard it is to start up your studio (and continue to grow it). The hurdles of marketing costs, software costs, and of course, equipment costs are enough to impeded the growth of even the most talented photography studios. Well we’re here to help!

What are we giving away?

The FStoppers, Kelly Moore, and SLR Lounge are giving away:

    Canon 5D Mark III or a Nikon D800 ($2,999 to $3,499)
    Kelly Moore Bag ($169-$249)
    Peter Hurley/F Stoppers”The Art behind the Headshot” DVD ($300)
    SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 DVD Guide and Presets(Worth $198)
How Do you Enter?

To enter, all you have to do is “like” the Facebook Pages of the 3 businesses involved and enter your email address via the following entry form below. The best part of it all is that you get 3 additional entries for each person that signs up using your link. So be sure to share via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and photography forums!

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