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Strobox – Photography Community for Lighting

By fotosiamo on May 29th 2012


To a photographer, lighting is our paintbrush, our way of creating mood, shapes, quality, and colors in our photos. A real student of photography is a student of lighting, so it’s great that there is website, Strobox, that is a photography community where people can create lighting diagrams and learn from other people’s lighting schemes.

Here is the what the founder states in their about page in why they created Strobox:

The Problem

  • Lighting is one of the key factors to consider when taking a good photo. And even though we all know a great shot when we see one, it’s often difficult to understand just how it was lit. Until now, photos didn’t come with details of the lighting scheme.
  • Our Solution

  • Strobox is a place for all types of photographers to share how they set up that amazing photo! The easiest way to learn is to look at photos and their lighting diagrams so you can see for yourself how they were created.
  • Goal we are hoping to achieve

  • We believe in sharing knowledge. Strobox is designed to do just that—provide a space for photographers to share and learn professional lighting techniques. Our hope is that everyone can gain insight into the great work of contemporary top-class photographers from all over the world. When you learn something, we’ve done well.

  • Here is the photo of mine that I submitted from one of my fashion photography shoots to the Strobox website. I used a total of 4 lights in a hard-hard-soft-catchlight format:

    Joe Gunawan | fotosiamo - In Between Dreams

    When you upload your photo, you’re also asked to either design or upload a lighting diagram for your photo:

    Strobox-Input-Page | fotosiamo

    Here is the lighting diagram I created using their online page. It’s pretty good, although it doesn’t have a boomed, overhead large parabolic reflector in a way that I use it. It is still pretty good, though:


    And this is how it looks like once you create the website:


    I think this is a useful website to learn more about lighting design. I do wish that we can either search by ratings or by popularity/most favorites, so we can see the best of the best in lighting. Check out more at Strobox.

    What about yourself, have you made any lighting diagrams and put it up online? Post some of the ones you’ve made or seen in the comments.


    Joe is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs.

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    1. Ed Rhodes

      whoa, what a cool idea

      | |
    2. Joe Gunawan

      Your photo looks great, Paul!

      – Joe Gunawan |

      | |
    3. Paul Monaghan

      Strobox is a great site, I have always enjoyed looking at and posting stuff to there site and was lucky enough to win a few of there comp’s as well as be part of there second book :).

      I can’t recommend the site enough and is great not just for the lighting diagrams but also for inspiration. 

      It’s great to see so many new people join the site and I love the image you posted :)

      Here is one of mine that went down on there site. 

      | |