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Stream DSLR Images Wirelessly to any TV with Chromecast

By Justin Heyes on December 28th 2014

Chromecast has been on the shelves for awhile. It is a great little device for watching Netflix, Hulu and local content. With its newest update, Google added the ability to add screen casting from your Android phone. Cheesy Cam shows us how use the Chromecast to turn any compatible television into an HDMI monitor.

Stream DSLR Video Wirelessly to HDMI Monitor using Google Chromecast

As long as your phone and Chromecast are in the same wifi network, you have the option to cast your screen wirelessly. Pairing your phone with apps like DSLR Controller and DSLR Dashboard, your live view images can be shared.

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There are a few drawbacks to this method. Currently, DSLR Controller and DSLR Dashboard only work with some Canon and Nikon cameras. Lag can be an apparent issue if you have a slow internet connection; you are limited to wifi networks only. You can’t use the wifi in your cameras or SD cards as an Ad Hoc network.


Casting your screen seems great for studio work where you can show clients how the images will look, but this is not practical for real world scenarios where most people will either tether to their laptops for direct downloading to Lightroom. If you are the type of person who need a plus-sized monitor for your work and don’t mind the lag, check out the Chromecast. For around $35, there isn’t much to lose. If it doesn’t help your workflow, it can help you catch up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

[Via Cheesy Cam / Images screen captures]

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Justin Heyes wants to live in a world where we have near misses and absolute hits; great love and small disasters. Starting his career as a gaffer, he has done work for QVC and The Rachel Ray Show, but quickly fell in love with photography. When he’s not building arcade machines, you can find him at local flea markets or attending car shows.

Explore his photographic endeavors here.

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  9. Doron Letzter

    The problem is that you need to shoot through the phone rather than through the camera, like in tethered shooting..

    | |
    • Steve VanSickle

      But on the bright side, as long as you’ve got your phone secured, you don’t have to mind tripping over the cable running from your (likely) expensive camera to your expensive TV. It’s certainly not perfect, but if you’re not burst shooting, it’s still a neat way to preview your shots.

      | |
    • Doron Letzter

      You’re right, but I’m still waiting for an app that will allow me to shoot tethered like lightroom, capture one, etc.

      | |
  10. Steve VanSickle

    This could come in handy for practicing portrait lighting at home, when I’m actually in front of the camera, for a change.

    | |
  11. Herm Tjioe

    Though I’m not in need of this setup, it’s good to know that there are tinkerers out there that will push the boundaries using cheap available gears to make some user’s life easier. More power to you.

    | |
  12. David Hall

    I’d rather tether.

    | |
  13. Robert Daveant

    Now I just need a Canon Camera with Wireless.

    | |
  14. Brandon Dewey

    Ill have to try this, thanks.

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