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‘Story of A Mother’s Love’ Shows Incredible Transformation of Premature Baby

By Hanssie on November 22nd 2013

[Warning: You will need some tissues. More than one. Grab the entire box just to be safe.]


In July 2012, Ward Miles came into the world. Weighing 1.5 pounds, he was born 15 weeks early. Four days after his birth, Ward’s mother Lyndsey was overcome with emotion as she held his tiny little body for the first time. Hooked up to countless tubes and cords, Ward would spend the first 107 days of his life in the NICU at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.


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Ward’s father, photographer and videographer, Benjamin Scot, documented the arduous journey of the first year of his son’s life. He made and released the following video as a birthday gift for his wife and also to show his gratitude for the doctors and nurses at the hospital who remained constantly by their side through the emotional and sometimes dark days before their son was brought home. As he writes in the video notes,

This is a story of a mother’s love for her baby….I want to thank all the doctors, nurses, and staff all over the world that make it their life’s mission to help babies get better! It’s because of you that my son ever stood a chance to make it home!

The beginning of the 7 minute video shows little Ward struggling to take each breath with the help of machines that are bigger than he is, and as each scene progresses, fewer and fewer tubes are attached to his body and face. The video ends with him happily, fat and giggly as he eats his first birthday cake and promptly throws it up. You can’t help but cry, smile, laugh and cry some more at the miraculous journey that is unfolds before your eyes.

Ward Miles – First Year from BenjaminScot on Vimeo.


[Images and Article via @Daily Mail]
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  1. z.lynn

    I didn’t get my tissues in time!!! From having to put my photo biz on hold to care for my own high-risk pregnancy to sharing my pregnancy with a close friend who gave birth to her child 4 mons premature only to lose the baby shortly thereafter and almost losing my friend too due to severe hemorraging to me subsequently giving birth on 09/09 this year to a healthy baby, I am overcome but overjoyed with so many emotions at the resilience of their little man! When I think of my friend, it is extremely difficult to see what he went through but ever so heartwarming to see his beautiful eyes, his loving smile and his playful nature. He overcame so many odds and came out on top! Thank you Benjamin Scot for documenting the intimate details of your childs’ first year of life. Thank you for reminding us all how precious their little lives are.

    | |
  2. Ashley

    I was born at 24 weeks in 1983 and weighed 1 pound 4 ounces. They said back then that I wouldn’t survive and if I did that I would have a limited to no quality of life.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t held for the first two or three months because they didn’t have Kangaroo care back then, and I was too fragile.

    I am now 30 and physically healthy, just with a few scars (one from a PDA ligation) from my NICU stay.

    Several years ago, I went back to visit the NICU where I stayed and saw a baby boy who was born around 24 weeks, and I was amazed at how tiny he was. I was honored to meet his parents and to be able to give them hope. I later learned that their son did survive, so it was comforting to know that their story turned out okay because so many do not.

    | |
  3. Tom Halliday

    totally leaving the studio early to go and give my son a hug now.. blubbing like a big kid in front of my colleagues.

    | |
  4. momma

    my son was also a preemie. Born at 25 weeks and 3 days. He is now 2 1/2 and perfectly healthy. Seeing this brings back all the tough memories. Im thankful for my son and all the medical professionals that helped him in his early months : )

    | |
  5. No one

    My twin daughters were born premature 15 weeks. Didn’t make it….

    | |
  6. Wilmot mather

    I got emotional reading this although I am a man. yes, a mothers love for her child cannot be measured and is simply awesome.

    | |
  7. Debi

    Oh my! My daughter was born at 27 weeks. Watching the video brought back so many memories. It was tough but we made it! She is now 19 and is one Amazing Woman. I did take her back to the hostipal where she was born and NICU gladly made her wash up and brought her in and introduced her to a baby that was about 2lbs. (Her weight @ birth.) She did wonderful but cried a lot. :) I understand everything that you felt as a Mother. God Bless You!!!!

    | |
  8. bela

    yo estoy pasando por esa experiencia tuve que ver a mi hijo entubado cbleado y esas cosas ya vamos en la parte de la casa y es muy esperanzador ver que mi bebe puede crecer y ser un niño sanito como el del video … suspiro azul ..

    | |
  9. Nasrulla Shariff

    May allah bless your child with health & happiness.

    May Allah bless all mothers with courage like yours.

    Truely inspiring. Thanks

    | |
  10. Eva

    I will share this on my Facebook page but I am so weepy from yet another one of God’s miracles, that I can barely see!! You know who MUST see this?….Ellen DeGeneres…..I’m just sayin……thank you so, so very much for your sharing this beautiful journey !

    | |
  11. Jc Loh

    Video of the Year!! God Bless the Family!!

    | |
  12. Sophia van Wyk

    Watching this video has made me realize how lucky I am. I was born also at 26 weeks weighing 1.9 pound. The difference was I was born in 1980, before modern medical technology. Through my mom’s persistence and determination, here I am, a woman of 33. I cannot thank her and God enough that I’m here today. Its a pity we were not able to record my journey in the 80’s like this video. All the best to Ward Miles and his family.

    | |
  13. Brandi

    I am completely in love with this story. There is nothing that can replace a mother’s love, such a special little boy.

    | |
  14. Debra M.

    Thank you so for sharing this glorious tribute of love! Mother, Father and Son are extraordinary. My daughter went through this similar situation with two of her sons (not 3 1/2 mos early) and seeing her touch Wade reminded me of watching my daughter when she would caress Tyler and Carter. Blessed be the children………..

    | |
  15. Monica Bishopp

    Did my comment go through?

    | |
  16. Monica Bishopp

    Thanks for sharing his story! A mothers love has no limits. If you have a minute I just posted my sweet baby girls success story overcoming deafness. She is amazing.

    | |
  17. Erica DalBello

    So beautiful! Life is so beautiful, so magic!

    | |
  18. Karen

    Such a wonder, and seeing this means more than you will ever know. I held my own sweet boy as he took his last breaths, it makes me happy that another mother was spared that pain.

    | |
    • Hanssie

      Oh Karen :,( I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope that in some little way this video helped bless you and your family <3

      | |
  19. Kevin Gamble

    A couple of very close friends of mine went through a similar experience (their son was born at 24 weeks, nearly four months premature). I watched them go through everything in this video, day in and day out and after watching who their amazing son has become a year later, I can tell you this: there really is nothing more wonderful and potent than the love of a parent. It really can move mountains.

    | |
    • Hanssie

      Isn’t it amazing? Reminds me to be thankful for life and health and happiness!

      | |
  20. Rhyan

    Oh my, thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring video. Tears ran down my cheeks as I watched. I am 22 weeks pregnant with our second child, a little boy named Carter. We take the blessing of LIFE for granted so often, yet all it takes is one tiny, tiny little person to remind us of the fragility and beauty. Thank you!

    | |
  21. John horner

    Amazing, crazy amazing. It’s so hard to see babies like that but so awesome to see that little guy recover. Such an awesome film.

    | |
    • Hanssie

      I know! I was so happy to see him smiley and healthy at the end!

      | |
  22. KrisD Mauga

    thanks for sharing such a miracle! Luv this!

    | |

    Luv can do wonders…
    if only we can keep away from each others throats!
    Benjamin excellent job…
    SLR lounge…continue posting socially relevant short films n messages!

    | |
    • Hanssie

      Tell me about it. So much hatred in this world. Stories like this make me happy. And I will continue to post as many happy stories such as this one until they make me stop. :)

      | |