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19 Jul 2024

Photoshop Paper Texture Collection

Unique, Handmade Textures

- 12 Reviews
  • Over 230 Handmade, Custom Textures - Crumpled, Burned, Scrathed, & Torn for a Unique Look
  • 2.5 Hours of HD Videos & All Excercise Files
  • Combine Textures to Create Unique Blends in Photoshop
  • Total File Size: 5.1 GB
$39 Digital Download


Let SLR Lounge guide you in your photography journey with the best photography education and resources. Browse our complete, comprehensive solutions and take the next step in your photography.

We’re proud to introduce the SLR Lounge Photoshop Paper Textures, a collection of over 230 handmade textures designed to take your artistry to a new level. We started with basic craft papers and physically crumpled them, scratched them, tore them, and even lit them on fire them to create unique and interesting textures. We photographed these papers after each step and processed them in Lightroom and Photoshop to create the final product.

Intended Audience: These Photoshop textures are for photographers and creative professionals of all levels, with step-by-step video tutorials to guide you along the way. They can be used on all types of photographs, including wedding photography, landscape photography, commercial photography and street photography.

Required Software: Adobe Photoshop (any version) is required. Additionally, Adobe Lightroom is recommended.

Included in the Photoshop Texture Collection:

  1. Over 230 Handmade Textures – Each texture is over 20 megapixels, shot on a 5D Mark III
  2. 2.5 Hours of HD Video Tutorials – These tutorials give you a full understanding of the texturing process and teach you advanced techniques such as frequency separation.
  3. Full RAW Exercise Files – We also walk through full examples so you can see the process of applying textures in action, applied to a wide range of photographs.

Organization and Format of the Photoshop Textures

We’ve created a systematic, organized approach to using Photoshop Textures. We’ve organized them into 5 categories: Foundation, Grunge, Burned, Effects, and Blends. Here is a brief rundown of each pack within the collection.

Foundation Photoshop Textures

These 50 Foundation Textures are the original craft papers as well as their crumpled counterparts. Below are just a few of examples.


Grunge Photoshop Textures

We also include 80 Grunge Textures, created by taking the foundation papers above and staining them and scratching them to give them more character.


Burned Photoshop Textures

We also include 30 Burn Textures, created by taking the foundation papers and the grunge papers above and partially burning them. A few of the awesome results are shown below.


Effects Photoshop Textures

We also include 50 Effects Textures, which are additional layers of effects that you can add to existing textures or use by themselves and stand-along textures.


Blended Photoshop Textures

Within the 2.5 Hours of video tutorials, we teach you how to blend multiple layers of textures to create unique textures that fit a particular image and style. To get you started, we include 23 of these that we’ve created for you. We encourage you to create your own!


Photoshop Texture Misconceptions

There is a common misconception that all textures need to have a grungy, over-processed look. While grunge is a possible style of texturing, grunge textures should only be applied to the proper images on occasion. On other images you can apply more subtle textures to alter the complexion of an image without going to the extreme.

Here are a few examples that we work through in the video tutorials:



Photoshop Texture Tutorials | Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – How to Texture Images in Photoshop
1. Introduction to the Texture Pack
2. Understanding Blend Modes
3. How to Open Images as Layers
4. Common Texturing Misconceptions
5. Texturing the Newborn Photo
6. Fine Art Texturing RAW Preparation
7. Fine Art Texturing
8. Equestrian Portrait RAW Preparation
9. Equestrian Portrait Texturing
10. Musician Portrait RAW Preparation
11. Musician Portrait Texturing
12. Understanding Frequency Separation

Chapter 2 – Creating Unique Custom Texture Blends
13. Creating Basic Texture Blends
14. Effects for Advanced Texture Blends
15. More Tips for Creating Texture Blends

Chapter 3 – How to Create Handmade Paper Textures
16. How to Create Custom Paper Textures
17. How to Process RAW Texture Files


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  1. Peter Hartland

    Another good tutorial set & Texture pack. Money well spent for me

  2. mugur ic

    nice and useful

  3. Wendell Fernandes

    The only thing I don’t like about it – takes away the strong original photo feel. Too artistic for my taste!

  4. Greg Avant

    If you have not used textures yet, give it a try. It’s a game changer.

  5. Peter Hartland

    Although I have had these textures for a while, I did not use them, last week I went to London to do Street/City Scape images & particularly where I could use these textures. The difference to my images from being a good record shot to artist work around the city is magic. I combined these using the latest V6 presets 2 good investments from SLR Lounge

  6. Greg Faulkner

    these are pretty useful

  7. Dick Raymond

    These look like they might be fun and interesting to use!

  8. chrys THOMAS

    These textures really do a good job on helping me achieve a vintage look.

  9. Steven Erat

    I enjoyed the video tutorial and I definitely learned some subtle techniques with textures that I didn’t know before. I noticed that in video 12 you mention at about 3:00 that the Frequency Separation action is included with the exercise files, yet I don’t see it anywhere in any of the 3 zip file downloads (even using a recursive grep). The 02_EXERCISE_FILES folder itself contains only cr2 files. Was the action omitted from the download? If so, can it be obtained? If not, then I can just record it using the steps in video 12.

    Thank you!

  10. Christopher

    There is only music with the intro, no music with the tutorials.

  11. Jenny Lens

    Do the tutorials include the loud, kinda offensive music? I am well known for photographing the pioneers of early punk rock. But I cannot bear to hear music when I’m learning something. It’s loud and it upsets me. I taught Photoshop at colleges and major computer graphic conferences. None of us ever needed nor used music when we taught.

    Any chance of tutorials and NO music? Cos I’d buy and blog about it all over the net. Otherwise, I need a drink. I’m still rattled by the intro vid. :-(

    I didn’t want to make this so public, but you don’t personally address issues? Hmm, wonder how I’ll get an answer. I collect TONS of textures, so if you really wanna stand out from the crowd, might want a bit more personal touch? Just a thought.

    Texture blending has been around since Photoshop introduced layers in version 3, circa 1994. I’ve been using Phsop since v1, 1990. BUT I’m always willing and eager to spread the word to others, after I’ve taken a look myself. Always open to learning. WITHOUT MUSIC. Esp music which I don’t like. I don’t expect you to like the music I like, why do ppl thing this makes learning better? Thanks in advance and happy holidays.

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