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Photographing The Reception | Wedding Workshop 8

master wedding reception photography

  • Wedding Workshop 8 of 8
  • Never Struggle With OCF During Receptions Again!
  • Master Multi-Flash Setups & Techniques
  • Learn How To Nail Focus & Shoot In Low-Light
  • Creativity In Complex & Fast-Paced Environments
  • 10 Lighting Diagrams For Reference On Location
  • 6 Hours of HD Video Content



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your Complete guide to getting perfectly lit photographs for every reception moment

Our Wedding Workshop series wouldn't be complete without covering our very last portion of the wedding day: The Reception. Our mission as always, is to create incredible, captivating imagery with minimal gear & easy and efficient lighting techniques. 

Indoors or outdoors, we've got you covered!

Reception Lighting for photographers can be one of the trickiest to nail considering every wedding reception is different. We'll take you through a series of events that commonly occur during receptions and show you 4 different ways to modify your light source. In addition, we'll give you the perfect formula to nail exposure for any venue!

Never Struggle With Reception OCF Ever Again!

Off-Camera light setups for wedding receptions are easily the most asked about questions we receive in our community. How many flashes do you use? Where do you place them in the reception room? What power are they at? We are going to tackle ALL of these questions & so much more!

learn how to capture creative, storytelling compositions 

Our Lighting Guides are designed to work as a playbook for you and your photography team. Learn where to position your flashes relative to where your subjects are standing and then position your team accordingly to capture the moment. We'll show you the best angles to capture each special moment during a wedding reception. 

be at the right place, at the right time

Once you've become confident with triggering multiple flashes, all you have to do is move about the room to find unique perspectives of the scene. Weddings are filled with high stakes with action lurking around the every corner and we want to prepare you as best as we can to be able to be in the action, ready to capture. 

Check out the images below to see more examples of all of the events we cover in this course that take place during a common wedding reception! 


  • Pain Points
  • Must-Have Gear For Wedding Reception Photography
  • The Intuitive Guide To Flash Power
  • Light Control Is The Name Of The Game
  • The Perfect Exposure: Step-by-Step
  • Gelling Made Simple
  • To Rim Or Not To Rim 
  • Risk Vs. Reward
  • Lighting Guide Legend


  • The Grand Entrance - Goals & Must Haves
  • Fixed Pinned OCF
  • Moving Pinned OCF
  • Bounce Flash
  • Direct Flash Done Right


  • First Dance & Parent Dances - Goals & Must Haves
  • Fixed Pinned OCF
  • Moving Pinned OCF
  • Bounce Flash With Rims


  • Toasts & Speeches - Goals & Must Haves
  • Fixed Pinned OCF
  • Bounce Flash


  • Cake Cutting - Goals & Must Haves
  • Pinned OCF or Constant Light
  • Bounce Flash With Rims


  • Bouquet/Garter Toss - Goals & Must Haves
  • Pinned OCF or Constant Light
  • Direct Flash Done Right


  • Open Dance Floor - Goals & Must Haves
  • Pinned OCF or Constant Light
  • Direct Flash Dance Floor Twist 
  • Bounce Flash With Rims
  • Direct Flash


  • Constant Light: Flower Petal Toss
  • Constant Light: Grand Exit
  • Bounce Flash New Year's Countdown
  • Natural Light: Sparkler Exit


  • Lighting Techniques For Miscellaneous Reception Portraits
  • Almost Perfect Ambient Light Refined With Bounce
  • Commercial Vs. Stylized Lighting And Post-Production For Both


  • Outro & Goodbye

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Photographing the Reception included in the Complete Wedding Photography Training System?

A: Yes, this is one of the 8 workshops included in that bundle.