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08 Feb 2023

Photographing The Details

Capture Details That Get Shared And Published

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  • Wedding Workshop 6 of 8 (See 8 Part System)
  • Your Complete Guide to Capturing Wedding Details
  • Photograph Decor That Gets Featured & Shared
  • Master Lighting For Any Venue w/ Any Gear
  • Work Efficiently Under Time Pressure
  • Create Images That Market Themselves
  • 7.5 Hours of HD Video Instruction
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Let SLR Lounge guide you in your photography journey with the best photography education and resources. Browse our complete, comprehensive solutions and take the next step in your photography.

Incredible Wedding Details = Free Marketing & More Referrals

The secret to getting more referrals from wedding vendors is actually very simple … provide venues and vendors with incredible images that make them look good and benefit THEIR business.  Vendors & venues naturally share these images on social media, on their websites, and in publications that will garner the attention of future clientele.

Want To Get Published?  Take Better Wedding Details

When it comes to getting published, wedding decor photos are THE MOST IMPORTANT photos from the entire wedding.  Getting published opens the door to new marketing capabilities for your business & gives you the recognition you deserve.

Our studio uses these strategies to get featured in dozens of publications each year.

“The Lighting At This Venue Is Horrible! How Do I Photograph Anything In Here?” 

41% of our Community Members told us that they struggled with lighting their scene properly so we made that a primary focus, offering 9 various indoor & outdoor lighting situations you can find yourself in; from ballrooms to conference rooms we cover it all!

Indoor Lighting

Learn ALL of our lighting techniques, camera settings, and tricks for beautiful indoor ceremonies & reception decor, regardless of the wedding budget. Whether it be a 500 person ballroom or a 120 person community center, we’ve got you covered!

Outdoor Lighting

With unpredictable lighting, outdoor wedding decor can be a challenge.  We’ll teach you our approach for capturing beautiful wedding decor in harsh light, golden hour, dusk, and more! Never fear an outdoor reception ever again with our comprehensive education.

Incredible Imagery No Matter The Gear, Location, Or Lack Of Time 

49% of photographers we polled listed “not having enough time to adequately shoot details” as a primary pain point. We show you how to prioritize, how to communicate with venue staff, and how to execute under time pressures.

Composition & Angles

Before taking a single shot, we recommend you put down your camera, walk the scene to plan out your shots, and see where your best angles are. Slow down even if you’re short on time, it will be worth it in the long run. We teach you about setting the scene (shooting wide), presenting the story (medium shots), and finally showing the details (tight compositions).

Telling A Complete Story

The goal when planning to shoot for the story is not to predetermine a shot list, but rather to understand how each angle can be used to build impactful sequences within a given scene. Take the time necessary to scout the location, analyze the heroes in the room (which could be a centerpiece on a table, an altar at a ceremony site, etc.), then capture the story.

The Right Crops

Before you photograph a scene, you must decide what to conceal and what to reveal. We’ll teach you  a simple formula for helping you decide what to show and how to reveal it: The more grand/epic a scene is, the wider you shoot. The less grand it is, the tighter you shoot to isolate the best elements within a scene.

Any Light Will Do The Job – Just Pick One!

When it comes to lighting, choose your tool, then use what you’ve got, whether it’s a small flash, a medium strobe, or a constant light. Often, portability and power will prove deciding factors. Details can be rushed, and the available ambient light may lean toward the darker side, so you’ll need something portable and strong enough to suit your needs in a variety of situations.

Constant Lights

Learn our favorite constant lighting tools that will help you light centerpieces in  dark ballrooms that desperately need additional light sources.

There are a number of ways to achieve similar results as far as lighting details go and we will give you the pros and cons of using constant lights vs. speedlights.

Speedlights + Modifiers

Learn flash photography for wedding decor!  This is the flash photography course you need to get those amazing wedding reception photos that your clients and wedding vendors will love.

Oh yeah, and we teach you how to do this with ANY speedlight, regardless of your gear budget.

Create Unique Compositions & Learn Easy Lighting Tricks

When you are faced with unpleasant backgrounds and lower budget venues you can use simple lighting and composition techniques to conceal less attractive elements, focus attention on the more attractive elements and add interest to the scene.

Here are some examples that we discuss in the workshop!


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