New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Photographing The Details | Wedding Workshop 6

Capture Details that get shared and published

  • Wedding Workshop 6 of 8  (See 8 Part System)
  • Your Complete Guide to Capturing Wedding Details
  • Photograph Decor That Gets Featured & Shared
  • Master Lighting For Any Venue w/ Any Gear
  • Work Efficiently Under Time Pressure
  • Create Images That Market Themselves 
  • 7.5 Hours of HD Video Instruction



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Incredible Wedding Details = Free Marketing & More Referrals

The secret to getting more referrals from wedding vendors is actually very simple ... provide venues and vendors with incredible images that make them look good and benefit THEIR business.  Vendors & venues naturally share these images on social media, on their websites, and in publications that will garner the attention of future clientele.

Want to Get Published?  Take Better Wedding Details

When it comes to getting published, wedding decor photos are THE MOST IMPORTANT photos from the entire wedding.  Getting published opens the door to new marketing capabilities for your business & gives you the recognition you deserve.

Our studio uses these strategies to get featured in dozens of publications each year.

"The Lighting At This Venue Is Horrible! How Do I Photograph Anything In Here?" 

41% of our Community Members told us that they struggled with lighting their scene properly so we made that a primary focus, offering 9 various indoor & outdoor lighting situations you can find yourself in; from ballrooms to conference rooms we cover it all! 

incredible imagery no matter the gear, location, or lack of time 

49% of photographers we polled listed "not having enough time to adequately shoot details" as a primary pain point. We show you how to prioritize, how to communicate with venue staff, and how to execute under time pressures.

Any light will do the job - just pick one! 

When it comes to lighting, choose your tool, then use what you’ve got, whether it’s a small flash, a medium strobe, or a constant light. Often, portability and power will prove deciding factors. Details can be rushed, and the available ambient light may lean toward the darker side, so you’ll need something portable and strong enough to suit your needs in a variety of situations.

Create Unique Compositions & learn easy lighting tricks

When you are faced with unpleasant backgrounds and lower budget venues you can use simple lighting and composition techniques to conceal less attractive elements, focus attention on the more attractive elements and add interest to the scene.

Here are some examples that we discuss in the workshop!  


  • Introduction Purpose And Top Five Challenges Of Wedding Day Details
  • The Marketing Power Of Wedding Decor Photographs
  • Ideal Lenses For Details
  • Any Camera Can Tell A Story
  • Any Light Will Do The Job


  • How To Photograph Wedding Decor Under Time Constraints
  • Before You Take A Single Shot...
  • Start By Minding The Details
  • Anatomy Of The Details Story
  • With Each Image, Select A Single Subject
  • Conceal Vs. Reveal


  • “Must Have” Walk-Throughs | Wide – Setting The Scene
  • Medium – Showing The Ceremony Heroes
  • Tight – Revealing Ceremony Details
  • Putting Together The Ceremony Story
  • Wide – Setting The Reception Scene
  • Medium – Showing The Reception Heroes
  • Tight – Revealing The Reception Details
  • Storytelling With Wedding Decor For Publication


  • Lighting: The Goal & Approach
  • Outdoor Ceremony Daylight | No Modification
  • Outdoor Reception – Daylight | Reflector Pin Lighting
  • Outdoor Reception – Daylight | Day Vs. Dusk
  • Indoor Reception – Daylight/Ambient Mix | Balancing
  • Indoor Reception – Moody Warm Ambient Light | Pinning With Constants
  • Indoor Reception – Craptastic Ambient Light | Simulating Natural Light
  • Indoor Reception – Dark Ambient Light | Flash For Bright Editorial/Commercial
  • Indoor Reception – Bright Daylight/Ambient Mix | Pinning With Gridded Flash
  • Indoor Reception – Dramatic High Color Ambient | Correcting/Pinning With Constants 



  • Verify Ballroom Entrance Lighting Before Shooting
  • Backlight For Added Interest
  • How To Create Unique Compositions With Foreground Elements
  • Panoramic Stitch Grand Scenes
  • Light Painting Panoramic Scenes
  • Light Painting And Compositing To Complete A Scene
  • Practice And Refinement
  • Use Mirrors Wisely
  • Remove Crappy Objects | Use Existing Light For Speed
  • Capture The Couple


  • General Goals With Details And Post-Production
  • Managing Bright Lights
  • Controlling High-Intensity Colors
  • Use Lightroom Transform For Perfect Invitation Shapes
  • Pano-Stitch Using Lightroom
  • Simple Compositing To Fill Out Rooms


  • Understanding The Client Coordinator And Desired Publication
  • Ten Tips For Photographers To Create Incredible Details That Get Published
  • 3 Tips For Submitting Your Photo Collection To Publications


  • Critique

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this workshop cover how to photograph a reception?

A: No, this workshop is specifically tailored to the challenges that arise when photographing wedding decor in reception and ceremony venues.