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Photographing the Couple | Wedding Workshop 4

beautiful couples portraits in any location

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  • Wedding Workshop 4 or 8  (See 8 Part System)
  • Career-changing workshop for Lead Shooters
  • Retail $149
  • Master Flattering Posing for the Bride & Groom
  • Understand The Easiest & Most Portable Lighting Set-ups for Couples Portraiture
  • 8.5 Hours of HD Video Instruction



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Capture Incredible Couples Portraits with Ease

Learn all the fundamentals of conceptualizing & capturing unforgettable couples portraits on the wedding day

In the fourth installment of the Wedding Workshop series, we continue our mission in helping you create consistently incredible images for your clients. This course will teach you how to create flattering couples' portraits and capture creative angles while using unique compositions and lighting techniques. The training we go through will provide lead shooters with the education necessary to be prepared for any scene and situation.

Your Guide to Couples Posing & Body Language

Whether it be Editorial or Standard portraiture, we start from the ground up with our foundation posing framework and then teach you how to get a variety of flattering poses by first understanding the nuances of the male & female body 

Easy & Creative Lighting Techniques for any scene 

Create incredible couples portraiture with simple, highly affordable lighting tools and modifiers

Learn to make even the most undesirable scene work for you by shooting with creative accessories and finding the perfect angle to frame your subjects. Understand composition in a cinematic way by starting out wide and working your way into the scene. 

Candid Reactions & Photo-Journalistic Moments

Be a Director first and then a Photographer - easily direct your subjects to produce candid, story-telling imagery 

Efficient Post-Production Tips & Tricks

Learn how to efficiently use your time in Lightroom to cull and batch process your images to create a cohesive look. We even jump into Photoshop for easy compositing techniques that are sure to impress your clients! 


  • Introduction to Photographing the Couple
  • Eliciting Genuine Emotions From Your Couple
  • Favorite Lenses Used For 10,000 Couples Portraits
  • Additional Zoom And Prime Lenses For Couples Portraits
  • Natural vs. Dramatic vs. Creative Lighting
  • 6 Creative Shooting Accessories For Couples Photography
  • Must Have Lighting & Gear Guide For Couples Photography


  • Foundation Posing For The Couple
  • Foundation Posing Framework Summary For The Groom
  • Quick Posing Guide For The Groom
  • Foundation Posing Framework Summary For The Bride 
  • Quick Posing Guide For The Bride
  • Foundation Posing Tips And Techniques
  • Foundation Posing - 5 Minute Client Run-through


  • Foundation Posing Framework And Body Language
  • Touchpoints
  • Head Angles
  • Body Parts And Their Levels Of Intimacy
  • Roberto Valenzuela Three-Point Check
  • Natural Pointers
  • Simple Finger Positions For Couples Holding Hands
  • Hip Spacing
  • Pose Duplication
  • Eye-To-Eye Contact
  • Whites Of The Eyes and Eye Lines
  • 4 Tips On Communication & 10 Useful Cues 


  • Bride Posing Guide
  • Standing Posing Demo for Bride/Women
  • Sitting Posing Demo for Bride/Women
  • Case Study: 3-Point Check from Roberto Valenzuela


  • Outdoor Couples Portraiture
  • The Importance Of Angle, Exposure, Aperture, and Composition (Demo)
  • Using Reflectors To Refine Light
  • An Ordinary Office Park Turned Epic
  • An Ordinary Office Park Turned Epic (Demo)
  • Soft, Simple, Flat Light And Backgrounds
  • Soft, Simple, Flat Light And Backgrounds (Demo(
  • Office Buildings As Incredible Backgrounds
  • Office Buildings As Incredible Backgrounds (Demo)
  • Day for Night Silhouettes
  • Day for Night Silhouettes (Demo)
  • Evening Environmental Backlit Portrait
  • Evening Environmental Backlit Portrait (Demo) 


  • The First Look
  • First Look Positioning
  • First Look Checklist
  • Ideal Outdoor Scene
  • Bad Outdoor First Look Scene
  • Ideal Indoor First Look Scene
  • Bad Indoor First Look Scene


  • Working With The Veil
  • Veil Drops And Composite Photography
  • Veil Wraps
  • Photographing Inside The Veil


  • Case Studies
  • Case Study #1 – Epic Prints vs. Clusters And Spreads: Cohesion Is Key
  • Case Study #2 – Take Advantage Of The Unplanned
  • Case Study #3 – Utilize Every Minute, Better Yet, Every Second!
  • Case Study #4 – Your Job: Make Them Look Good
  • Case Study #5 – Utilize Your Second Shooter
  • Case Study #6 – Hard Light Used Right
  • Case Study #7 – Got Crap? SFX To Success! 
  • Case Study #8 -  Think Different


  • Image Critique


  • Introduction To Post Production 
  • High Key Black & Whites
  • Clean Pastels - Filmic Edits
  • Plate Shot - Photoshop Compositing
  • Panoramic Stitching In Lightroom
  • Retouching/Cleaning Up Messy Backgrounds 
Tiffany Liu
May 4, 2017

This workshop does a great job showing you what you can do with any scene. You could be stuck in a hotel room with simple window light or in an office park with less than perfect backgrounds. I learned a great deal from this one.
Tracy Waterman
April 5, 2017

This is a really great workshop for wedding photographers. I am in my 3rd year of shooting and learning something new every day on SLR Lounge. I enjoyed the posing section of the workshop, which reiterates many of the things that I've learned in the other workshops. I also really liked the Lighting section, which takes the things I learned in the Lighting Part 2 Workshop and applies them to a wedding couple! Thanks for everything Pye! Keep it up!
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