Is it better to use multiple CF/SD cards and constantly switch them out or is it better to use one large card and save time. This is of course a personal preference thing, but if you ask me its much better to use multiple small cards. The reason is simple, if you have all your data on one card and something happens to the card (lost, broken, corrupt, etc) then you lose everything you have done since your last import.

On the flip side, if you use multiple cards and are constantly switching them out then if one card has issues you still have most of your data on other cards. This is true for both photo and video work, and is especially true for cameras with only one card slot.

I personally use multiple 8GB PixelFlash 533x CF cards with my 7D. It allows me to still take plenty of pictures or video, but gives me that added benefit of not having all my data in one place. These cards are cheap, which worried me at first, but are great performers. I highly recommend them, you can find them on Amazon where they also come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

What are your thoughts? Which method do you use? Let us know in a comment below.