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There’s been a bumper crop of interest in all things film over the last two years, and from all angles it would appear that the momentum behind it only grows more forceful each day. I mean, for the past two Christmases this Fuji Instax has been the dark-horse hero of sales, and Ektachrome is coming back, but what that also translates to is a heightened interest in and desire for film cameras.

Now, couple that with the moderate democratization of medium format with the Hasselblad X1D and the Fuji GFX50 and even more than ever larger formats for digital and film are desired. That puts the Fujifilm GF670 in the crosshairs as a highly desirable camera, but with a hitch: They’re not made anymore. Which is why the fact that Fujifilm discovered a number of them tucked away in their warehouse unsold and unused, is a big deal. The cameras should be in stock at B&H on Jan 25th ready for sale with a price tag of $1,799.

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Yes, it’s not exactly change you’d find in your couch or car seat, and yes you can find them used on eBay and so forth for less, but ‘new’ has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? You can get yours here.


The Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Folding Camera is a dual-medium format professional camera. It will shoot 6 × 6cm or 6 × 7cm formats, which is selectable via a simple switch (the format cannot be switched mid-roll). It accepts both 120 or 220 roll film and in the 6 × 7cm format, you’ll get 20 exposures on 220 rolls, and 10 exposures on 120 rolls. In 6 × 6cm format, you get 24 exposures on 220 rolls, and 12 exposures on 120 rolls.

6 x 6cm & 6 x 7cm Formats
2.52″ (6.4cm) Wide When Folded
Uses 120 & 220 Roll Film
Fujinon EBC 80mm f/3.5 Lens
Coupled Rangefinder

Update: Should ship beginning of February.

Source: Fstoppers