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‘Stepping Into Another World’ – Exploring the Art of Multiple Exposures

By Lauren Kermelis on November 30th 2013

The art of photography is truly like that of no other. It allows us to capture a fleeting moment in time, and carry it with us to share as we move through the course of our lives. Sometimes it might be a moment as simple as your daughter’s first ballet recital, other times it might reach far beyond the realm of our natural world.

Astrophysicist Reinhold Adscheid, steps into the realm of the “other world” in his most recent project of images depicting various perspectives of the world at the same time. By using a method that he dubs as “the chrono-chorotic technique,” Adscheid is able to display a reality that cannot be seen with the natural eye.

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Reinhold photographs multiple exposures and stitches them together to create one image, which to the viewer then appears to be an image filled with the movement and motion of human life.










It is fascinating to me how this brings together the idea of human connection. While we will never be able to fully reach into this realm of multiple perspectives, Adscheid gives us the ability to notice these occurrences and merges them together to create beautiful and whimsical works of art.

[via @The Met ]

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

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  1. Bill Kouirinis

    Somewhere in the 90’s I received my first copyright on an ongoing series I call ” the Tremors”
    a little easier to remember LOL …check it out at

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  2. Chris

    “the chrono-chorotic technique” that he’s named it has been done before by several other photographers for years already. Me myself did my first multiple exposure bursts in 2011.

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