Steel Wool Light Painting – DIYPhotography.net

March 28th 2012 10:26 AM

For those of you camera geeks who frequent Flickr, you might have seen one of the huge recent trends, steel wool light painting. Here’s a quick video made by our friends over at DIYPhotography.net, featuring Benjamin Von Wong, one of the well-known “light painters” on the internet. Enjoy!



…And remember: BE CAREFUL, BE SAFE!!! required safety items:

* Body & eye protection

* Fire extinguisher & wet towel

* Common sense around other people and your location



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  1. 1
    udi tirosh

    Hi Lounge, thanks for the feature. It was actually your sound/zoom advice that got me through the rough audio part on that vid. so actually double thanks.

  2. 15
    Ed Rhodes

    love light painting