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28 Jul 2021

Stay Positive | A Message From Pye

Dear SLR Lounge Community:

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. The world is hurting right now, we all feel it, and we’re all in it together. While everyone is spending more time at home, it’s critical to stay positive and productive.

We encourage you to create a schedule, make goals, and continue to invest in yourself, your education and your businesses, because unlike things like the stock market, these are things that will ALWAYS provide a return on your time and energy and set you up for success in the future.

Everyone is feeling the financial squeeze of these events, and if you are grappling with simply putting food on the table, please ignore this offer and anything else that isn’t a life necessity. For those simply looking to tighten up expenditures, we’d like to make investing in your education and future a little easier in these uncertain times.

To honor our commitment to each of you, for the first time we’re reducing all new annual memberships by $100, down to $248/year.

If this isn’t something you’re interested in, we hope that you find books, Audibles, or other ways to invest in yourself. Work on your pricing, design a new portfolio, and otherwise invest in yourself. This is exactly what we are doing in this time in our studio.

Please be safe, enjoy this time with your families, and continue to be productive!

New Members

For new members, click here to subscribe to premium for $248/year.  That will take you directly to the checkout page.  If you’d like to see the product page, please go to the Premium Page and use code STAYPOSITIVE upon checkout.

Existing Members

For existing members, we will also be reducing your annual renewal rate to $248/year and locking in that rate for life.  However, because of platform limitations, we will need to do this manually, one-by-one to each account. Please bear with us while we do this, but rest assured, we will get this done before your actual renewal date.  If you have any questions or see any issues with your account, please contact us at any time.
We will be sending out emails as we complete these changes to your accounts.