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Star Wars Photo Shoot By Art Streiber For Wired Magazine

By Matthew Saville on March 10th 2013

For those of you who don’t know, Episode 7 is coming.  Oh boy.  The good news?  It’s directed by J.J. Abrams.  (The executive producer of Lost and the director the new Star Trek movies) Joss Whedon would have been nice, (The creator of Firefly, and the writer for The Avengers) …but J.J. Abrams still stands a much better chance of, well, not screwing it up like George Lucas might.  (With all due respect, George…)  But I digress.  The bad news?  The featured actors, (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hammil) are a little older than they were in 1977.  Check out photos on the IMDB page for Star Wars Episode 7 by clicking HERE.

But forget about that.  Here is something totally awesome!  Wired Magazine contracted Art Streiber to do a Star Wars themed photo shoot that is storyboarded by comedian Chris Hardwick, a self-proclaimed die-hard Star Wars fan.

The concept was to document and showcase the things that fans loved (and hated) about the previous movies, in an effort to help Episode 7, well, not stink as bad as some people say Episodes 1-3 do.

The cast involved, of course, the famous 501st legion, (members of which I have personally photographed before!) as well as entire families in costume- yes that’s right, husband and wife in the Chewbacca and Boushh costume, and their kids in Jawa costume!

But enough nerdiness.  Check out the photos and read about the concepts and stories HERE on Wired Magazine, (Narrated by Chris Hardwick, with a BTS video) and HERE on where you can read more behind the scenes info, and view the article spreads!

After all, who doesn’t like a Star Wars themed photo shoot?  ;-)



screen-shot-2013-02-22-at-2-04-28-pmClick HERE to view the BTS video!



Two things we all love, photography and Star Wars, are combined in this BTS video. Check out quick glimpses into the lighting setups, backdrop selections, communication with the subject and most importantly, the execution of these creative concepts. The rose in Chewbacca’s mouth, for example, and Darth Vader sneezing are both funny and quirky, two things that are common with photoshoots with WIRED.

Screenshots of the Star Wars Shoot


star warsphotos





See the BTS Video of the Star Wars Shopt

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    Art Streiber’s work is awesome. Hey if you’re in So Cal, be sure to see Art in person April 15th at our next L.A. SmugMug meeting. It’s Free!

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