Choosing your camera stabilizer is never as simple as what is the better stabilizer, more times than not it comes down to budget over performance. So today I wanted to share a great comparison between an affordable Rhino Steady stabilizer and a more expensive Glidecam stabilizer.

The video comes from the great guys over at Film Riot, you can check them out on YouTube. In the video Ryan gives us a great look at the capabilities, setup time, and in the field performance of these two stabilizers and talks about what used he would recommend for each one. Check it out Below.

So now that you have taken a look at the video, which one would you take given a very limited budget? Would you risk a slightly shakier shot on the Rhino Steady or would you eat up most of your production budget on a Glidecam?

Think about it and share your thoughts about it in a comment below! We love to know what your thoughts are on things like this.