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Springtime Photo Shoot – Weekly Edit On iPad With Lightroom Mobile – Season 2 Episode 5

By Matthew Saville on April 11th 2014

In this week’s episode of our Weekly Edit series, we’re going to use the new Lightroom mobile app on an iPad!  We’ll also briefly demonstrate the process of culling in Lightroom mobile, for those of you who have not had a chance to try it out yet.  Enjoy!

The main limitation of the Lightroom mobile app is, unfortunately, a lack of access to Lightroom presets.  I’ve included one image that was processed with the SLRL Lounge Preset system in about ~3 clicks, with my own iPad edited version for comparison.  The iPad editing can come close, however it is definitely more time consuming to have to perform each slider adjustment etc.

We’re definitely hoping that Adobe is working hard to bring us at least some sort of preset integration, but in the meantime this is pretty fun!  It may not be an integral part of a high-speed workflow yet for anything other than culling / organizing while you’re away from your computer, but there is a lot of potential here and we’ll continue reporting back as Adobe updates the LR mobile app.  Enjoy!

Watch The Video

Before And After Images

09slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-original (Orignal)

01slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Edited – Color)



03slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Edited – Color)

02slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Edited – B&W)



05slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Processed on Desktop in LR 5.4 using SLR Lounge Presets)

04slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Processed in LR mobile on iPad, without SLR Lounge Presets)



07slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Edited – Color)

06slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Edited – B&W)



08slr-lounge-weekly-lightroom-edit-ipad-mobile-vintage(Edited – Color)

Take care, and happy clicking!

The SLR Lounge Preset System

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  1. Matthew Saville

    Is anybody interested in seeing more Weekly Edit Series videos done from the iPad? Or should we stick to the desktop version LOL?

    | |
    • Jacob Jexmark

      For me. being in love with LR Mobile and all I like this series :) Wouldn’t mind more.

      | |