SLR Lounge launches the 2020 Spring Sale today for $50 off SLR Lounge Premium!

Take this opportunity to level up your photography in 2020 by mastering new photography, lighting, and photo editing techniques.  Learn proven frameworks for business success and find a community of supportive, like-minded photographers.

How to Subscribe

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Why Join Premium?

SLR Lounge Premium is simply the best place for online photography education and one of the most supportive and helpful communities for aspiring and established professionals.  Enjoy our latest workshops, including the following:

engagement photography workshop

Engagement Photography 101

Engagement Photography 101, teaches you everything you need to know to create compelling, story-telling engagement images for your friends and clients.  We start releasing, chapter by chapter, in the next two weeks inside of SLR Lounge Premium before it’s available to purchase to the general public.

Flash Photography Training System

This A-Z Training will give you a mastery of flash, including  on-camera flash (Lighting 101), off camera flash (Lighting 201), dramatic portraiture (Lighting 3), and recreating natural light (Lighting 4).

Wedding Photography Training System

This system includes 10 YEARS of experience that took 3 FULL YEARS to film and produce. EVERYTHING we’ve learned from our REAL-WORLD experience is included. In fact, it’s the exact same training system Lin & Jirsa associate photographers use.

mastering lightroom

Mastering Lightroom

From learning the interface and catalog structure to mastering Lightroom’s raw processing, this workshop is guaranteed to level up your Lightroom abilities.  No matter your skill level, this workshop will walk you through Lightroom’s basic functionality while guiding you all the way through to advanced raw processing mastery.

The Photography Business Training System

In this workshop, we share ALL of our strategies, templates, and workflows that we’ve used over the past decade, to build one of the most profitable photography studios in the world.   Let us help you build the photography business of your dreams with this comprehensive, step-by-step approach to business success.

Even More Workshops

In addition to the workshops mentioned above, learn from dozens of other comprehensive workshops with topics that include Maternity Photography, Photography 101, Posing, Panoramic Stitching, Recreating Golden Hour, and more!