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Spellbinding Images of Underwater Rainbows by Mark Mawson

By Hanssie on January 23rd 2014

There’s something calming about water. This substance that covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface. Water is used not only an essential element to our survival, but also is used for recreation. We play in it, we surf in it, we bathe in it, we even listen to it as a soothing sound that helps us relax or drift peacefully into slumber.

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Award winning photographer, Mark Mawson has always been fascinated with water. In his 20+ years of experience, he has photographed many people and still life underwater. In 2005, inspired by the milk that was poured into the multiple cups of coffee he drank on a daily basis, he created the “Aqueous Rainbow Skies,” series. Having just completed the 5th installment in this series, Mark has shown us, once again, the mesmerizing effect of vibrantly colored liquid in water as it moves and blossoms in an almost hypnotic dance.

aqueous-rainbow-skies-9 aqueous-rainbow-skies-10Mark creates these colorful images by dropping paint into a water tank and then uses  strobe to capture the movement of the paint as it billows and disperses in a trance-like beauty that is visual eye candy.

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aqueous-rainbow-skies-8 aqueous-rainbow-skies-7 aqueous-rainbow-skies-6 aqueous-rainbow-skies-5 aqueous-rainbow-skies-4 aqueous-rainbow-skies-3 aqueous-rainbow-skies-2 aqueous-rainbow-skies-1These fascinatingly beautiful images are a feast for my tired eyes and have held me spellbound as I watch the video (below) of the swirls of paint dancing to the music – a welcome respite in an otherwise fast paced work day.

To see more of Mark’s mesmerizing work, check out his website where he has a series on smoke and more underwater goodness.

[via Faith is Torment/Mark’s blog]

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