The core fundamentals of LED panels stem from their tungsten forerunners in that they are rigid, sticking to particular form factors. Panels from the popular brands like Litepanel, Westcott and even Aputure stick to the basic tried-and-tested rectangular shape. The team at Spiffy Gear, however, is hoping to change things up a bit with Spekular.

Eagle-eyed readers will recognize Spiffy Gear as the creators or the Light Blaster, a speedlite-based light-shaping/projecting device. With Spekular they aim to shape the LED panels themselves calling it “the Swiss army knife of LED lighting.”

Spekular will enable photographers and videographers to tell their stories while paying less, carrying less and having more lighting options“, says Udi Tirosh, CEO at Spiffy Gear.


Each Spekular kit consists of four ultra-bright panels that can be amalgamated and manipulated into various shapes based on your shooting needs / the artist’s ingenuity.

Different shapes create different looks, and adapt to different situations more easily; not to mention add flair to portraits with unique catch lights. In addition to being a basic panel, this all-in-one lighting system that can also be shaped into a triangle, square, or diamond. With an expansion kit and make more complex configurations, like an octagon or a star.

The color-accurate LED strips are described as “extremely sturdy and hard-wearing” the panels will “keep going, day after grueling day.” The panels offer dimmable (down to 10%), flicker-free 14.5 watts of power (150W halogen) with color accuracy guaranteed (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI).

The kit contains four LED sections (30cm X 4cm), four hinged connectors, mounting gear, and gel holders, providing more than 5,000 luminous flux of light.

Spekular Kit retails for $650 and each supplemental kit is is an additional $130, all can be found at Spiffy Gear’s website here.