Chinese speedlight and trigger maker Phottix has just issued a release regarding issues with Nikon’s wildly popular D750. The issue revolves around the dimensions of the hotshoe, which has been causing problems for lots of speedlights and triggers – not just Phottix models.

D700 (top) and D750 (bottom) Hotshoe comparison provided by Phottix

According to the Phottix press release, the issue is caused by the length on the D750 hotshoe being slightly longer than most standard hot shoes, which in turn, causes many speedlights and triggers to not line up correctly with the pins, and thus they either do not fire, or do not fire reliably.

Due to this issue, Phottix says that there is really nothing they can do – short of releasing D750 specific products (which let’s be real, is really not an option). So the blame here lies with Nikon, whose own  speedlights are even known to be having issues with the D750 at times.

But fear not, Phottix says that a DIY fix is possible. Simply get a sliver of cardboard and slide it in front of your speedlight/hotshoe. This will allow for the triggers and speedlights to correctly line up with the D750 hotshoe connectors.

You can read the full Phottix press release here.

What are your thoughts on this release from Phottix? Do you think Nikon should ‘fix’ the D750 hotshoe issue? Do you think this was done on purpose to cause issues for third party products? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Phottix]