We feature a lot of crowd funded gear here on SLR Lounge, most of which comes from Kickstarter, but today we have a very interesting Indiegogo campaign for you to take a look at. It is called the LED Light Cube and it acts as both a Speedlight as well as a continuous LED light.


I have to say that this is one of the most unique lights that I have ever seen. The LED Light Cube is a project devised by Australian company IC12. They started their Indiegogo Campaign mid-august with a goal of $60,000, as of today they have 6 days remaining and they are at over $70,000. Photographers and videographers everywhere are very interested in this new light source, myself included.

The prototype of this revolutionary light is very unique as a speedlight because you can adjust the flash duration, you can do a quick 1/8000th burst all the way up to a 30 second pulse. This light is really something unique here, and the price is not too bad either. $696 retail puts these in line with mid to high end studio strobes, but you get the strobe as well as the continuous ability needed for video. It really is a light designed for this day and age where a photographer can also be a videographer and may need to switch between stills and video.

and all of that is not even mentioning the fact that these lights are modular, so you can connect groups of them. So for example your Key light could be made up of 3 Cube Lights and you fill just be one cube light. Its really a very cool concept, I am very interested to see how it turns out.

If this light interests you at all check out their Indigogo Campaign, only 6 days left to support the project and earn yourself the right to buy one for $500 (vs the $695 retail price).

What are your thoughts on this light? Could this be the first of a new sort of all purpose light for photography and film making? Let us know in a comment below.