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Is Sony’s Next A-Mount Camera An A77 “II”?

By Anthony Thurston on March 5th 2014

According to the latest reports from the Sony rumor mill, Sony’s next a-mount camera will be the A77 II. This will be the first new a-mount camera from Sony since the A58 last February.


We don’t have many details about the new camera quite yet, but it is rumored that the AF will be even faster than the new A6000 that Sony is currently touting as the “World’s Fastest AF,” and that the camera will likely include some sort of improved SLT technology.

If the rumors are to be believed (which is likely, given the SR5 rating that the rumor has been given), this new camera will be announced this upcoming spring and could be available as soon as early summer. It has also been said that this is not the only new a-mount camera in the works, more are on the way for you a-mount fans out there.

What are your thoughts on Sony selling both e-mount and a-mount systems? Do you think they should just consolidate into one mount or do you agree with their strategy to seal two different mounts? Leave a comment below to join the discussion.

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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  1. shamb

    In other news: ‘butcher sells more than one type of meat!’.
    When asked whether it would be better just to sell beef (and maybe pork), proprietor Joe Chops replied ‘choice is a good thing’ in this market. If you think only beef are the only meats fit for the plate, you’ve got no right to call yourself a cook’.

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  2. Deicide

    I think it’s fine selling two mounts, I mean nobody wants to lose out on of their A-Mount glass just to jump ship to E-Mount. Even if one were to get the LA-EA4 adapter they’d be losing out on OSS which is a bummer since all A-Mount cameras have it in-body. In my opinion, Sony is going to keep A-Mount for people who demand the most performance and features out of a camera and E-Mount is for people who want a simplified platform that still delivers great performance and IQ. Let’s not forget that Canon and Nikon also have systems with 2 different mounts albeit those aren’t as great.

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    • Jeffrey Howarth

      If you look closely at the FE E-Mount Lenses, it has the A Mount adapter built into it. Something to think about.

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  3. Mike

    Sony has a good thing going with their full frame A7 and A7r. They can’t compete with Nikon and Canon in the DSLR game, the two giants of the photo industry have that covered. They should put their money and talent behind mirrorless and try to become the dominant player in that game.

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