You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder what Sony has going on with their A-Mount now that the E-mount, especially the FE (Full Frame – A7/A7s/A7r) portion, has been getting all of the attention.


In a report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, the author gives an update on what he has come to learn about the future of the A-Mount line. First and foremost, the author explains that the reason for all the focus from Sony on E-Mount lately has been that the runaway success of the A7 series cameras caught Sony off guard. So, Sony put a lot of A-Mount projects on hold to try and get the E-Mount “broadened” before competitors can catch up.

As a result, a few things will happen – according to this rumor site (so grains of salt here). First, A-Mount will continue into the future, but with a longer release cycle for products and a more “Pro” focus. This means no more entry-level A-mount cameras (for the foreseeable future).


My thoughts on this are complicated, as I both feel sorry for A-Mount owners who are invested in that system, but also totally understand what Sony is doing and why. When a product catches on like the A7 series has, you have to drop everything and run with it.

I am curious to see what the big Sony announcement is towards the beginning of 2015, most are assuming it will be E-Mount, but who knows, maybe it will be A-Mount’s turn…


What are your thoughts on this update on the future Sony’s A-Mount system? Do you agree with the choice Sony has made to focus on E-Mount right now to keep its edge over competitors? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]