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Gear Rumors

Sony’s Curved Sensor Tech To Make Its Debut In Early 2015

By Anthony Thurston on July 25th 2014

We have talked about Sony’s revolutionary new curved sensor tech a few times now. It seems the technology is farther along than I personally thought it was, and according to a couple of new rumors, this tech could be seen in the market as soon as early 2015.

According to a new report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, the new curved sensor tech is set for an early 2015 debut in two new devices: A Full Frame RX, possibly called the RX2, and in Sony’s next Xperia phone, the Z3X.


The Full Frame RX, which I will just refer to as the RX2 for the sake of this post, is expected to feature a super compact Zeiss 35mm F/1.8 lens which will make it the most compact Full Frame camera on the market – possibly ever. This will be a unique experience, and a very niche camera – something similar to Sigma’s new Foveon based Quattro cameras, I would say.


The Xperia Z3X, which you can see in this post through some supposedly leaked images, is expected to feature 2/3 inch 22 Megapixel curved sensor with an f/1.2 lens. It may also feature an attachment to allow for use of a speedlight, which would be a first for a phone as far as I know.

[REWIND: First Image From Sony’s Curved Sensor]

I love all of the innovation that Sony has been bringing to the photography field lately. Things seemed to have been stagnant in the industry in that regard, but Sony has really been pushing boundaries and I love it. I am very curious to see how these two devices shake out and very exited to see this curved sensor tech in action.


What are your thoughts on this curved sensor tech? Do either of the rumored devices catch your attention? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Wendell Fernandes

    It seems a great camera…

    | |
  2. Philip Sharpe

    It seems that with every advance in technology the line between amateur and professional gets fuzzier and fuzzier. Don’t we have enough technology already?

    | |
    • iceman fernandez

      So pro and amateur is just a gear difference?

      | |
    • Stan Rogers

      You know, when I was a working pro, I used to drool over the equipment that a lot of well-heeled amateurs owned. (I still drool — quite a bit, in fact — I’m just not a working pro anymore.) And I envied them the time and effort they could put into making a “perfect” picture, and their ability to walk away from less-than-perfect opportunities or come back when the weather was nicer. Being a pro (apart from charging money for what you do) is about getting the shot, on demand, whether the circumstances are in your favour or not, not necessarily about the gear you use to get it.

      In this case, the technology is about putting relatively fast fixed lenses into a very compact space (and the sensor curve has to match the field curvature of the lens, so we are talking about fixed lenses). It’s got nothing to do with making things “more professional”, it’s about making them more pocketable. (Flat-field lenses need more corrective elements and thus have to be bigger.) Oddly enough, the people who make cameras would like to sell cameras, and if bulk is the excuse for people refusing to buy enough cameras, then removing that excuse just might make a buck or two.

      | |
  3. Kim Farrelly

    Compact cameras going full frame, actually happening. Medium format with usable hi-iso hitting the streets & not costing more than a new BMW interesting times ahead in our world.

    About 10 years ago Sony launched an external flash unit for it’s K750 (I think). It was really bad but having a remote triggering flash from a smart phone would make sense more than a hot shoe of sorts as the tech is already available.

    | |