We talked about our thoughts on the Sony full frame system just a few weeks back on Gear Talk. Today, I wanted to share Caleb Pike’s latest review, which is on Sony’s latest full frame mirrorless, the A7s.


Being a video guy, so mostly concerned with video, Caleb spends his review talking about everything you can do with this camera from a video perspective, both the good and the bad, while at the same time doing an informal comparison with his Panasonic GH4 bodies. It is a very thorough review from a video perspective – anyone thinking about this camera for video should definitely take the time to watch.

I was interested to see how the A7s would stack up to the GH4, which Caleb has made known is his video camera of choice for the time being. Overall, it looks like it stacks up well in most respects, while falling short in a few key areas, namely rolling shutter and 4K recording.

If you are interested in more great reviews and content like this, make sure to check out Caleb’s site over at http://www.dslrvideoshooter.com, or his youtube channel.


What are your thoughts on this review of the A7s? Do you agree with Caleb’s conclusions about the camera and how it compares to the GH4? Leave a comment below!

[via DSLR Video Shooter on Youtube]