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Did Sony Slip Tamron A Tip About Their Upcoming 46MP Sensor?

By Anthony Thurston on December 10th 2014

The 50MP sensor rumors keep flying in. Canon is working on one and Sony is working on one – if you believe the rumors. Tamron has a new line of lenses in the works, called SP.2, which are being designed to resolve for these high res sensors, and the word on the street is that Sony tipped them off to how many MP their upcoming sensor would be…


According to the rumor report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, Tamron’s new SP.2 lens line, the first of which was announced recently in the upcoming 15-30mm F/2.8, has been designed to resolve for a high res sensor after Sony let Tamron know their upcoming FF sensor will be around 46MP.

The rumor goes on to state that, in addition to the upcoming 15-30mm, Tamron is also working on two new high quality prime lenses that will resolve for a ~46MP sensor. This info comes from a ‘reliable Tamron source’ as well, so the information appears to be about as legit as you can get from rumor report short of an official announcement or a leak.


All of you complaining about the D800 series sensor resolution should probably stay away from any new Sony announcements; you might want to rip your hair out! Another notable tidbit before I let you go: the rumor source also apparently said that the upcoming Sony sensor will come in both A and E mount FF bodies.

It sounds like Sony, and Tamron for that matter, are going to have a busy 2015…

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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  1. Dave Haynie

    Well, if Sony’s delivering 46Mpixel soon, it can’t be that long before Nikon does as well. And you have to wonder what Canon’s been doing all this time in their sensor design department — they did show off a 120Mpixel sensor , 13,280 x 9,184 pixels, and only APS-H sized, back in 2010. Sure, it was a science experiment, but that tells you what they were thinking. Maybe those cellphone-sized pixels were an issue (literally… just over 2um, about the size of the pixels in the HTC One, or my Fujifilm X-F1 P&S)? You’ll start hitting diffraction limits at around f/4, but not meaningful unless you’re really counting on all those pixels for some gigantic prints. 50Mpixel and full frame is still pretty good up until f/8 or so. And of course, Canon’s been behind in the megapixel race. So they certainly have the motivation to leapfrog Sony… we’ll see about the ability.

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  2. Adrian Jones

    I could careless about a little extra weight as long as I got superior image quality. Keep it coming sigma and Tammy. Meanwhile I’ll be working on my curls and shoulder shrugs.

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      To each their own! I’m glad Tamron is making this lens, but I hope that we don’t see an exclusive trend of gigantic, hefty lenses either. The Nikon 20mm f/1.8 G is so light and small, I think I’m in heaven!

      | |
    • robert s

      thats the right attitude. im with you. as long as I get superior image quality, I couldnt a crap.

      @matty, youre talking about a prime. this tamron is a zoom. no pro 2.8 zoom weighs feathers. theyre all very big and heavy. thats how it always was and will continue to be. look at those huge 70-200 2.8 but tons use them because they have superior IQ and flexibility.

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  3. Matthew Saville

    I’d love to see Sigma make a 50 1.8 Art, or even Contemporary, that is slightly better than Nikon’s 50 1.8 G, but without adding more than an ounce or so. As it is, the Sigma 50 Art is 1.38 lbs heavier than the Nikon 50 1.8 G.

    Same goes for 35mm and 85mm. Sigma / Tamron, let’s see some more affordable, lightweight primes! With Nikon’s 1.8 lineup complete from 20mm to 85mm, it’s only a matter of time before Canon starts re-doing their entire non-L prime lineup too, and at that point third party lens makers will start to really miss a huge opportunity…

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  4. Matthew Saville

    I’m really disappointed so far that it seems both Tamron and Sigma are taking the “spare no expense” approach to the weight of their lenses, when Nikon’s f/1.8 G lineup is also insanely sharp, but each lens is light as a feather. Simply put, I’d only buy any of these Tamron / Sigma high-end lenses if it was the one lens that truly defined my style, or the only ~2 lenses that mattered to my style, …and even then I’d still want to own the Nikon 1.8 G alternative, for when I just wanna hang out with friends and don’t want to lug around a brick attached to the front of my nice ultra-light D750 / D610 / Df…

    I gotta say, the Nikon 20 1.8 G, and other 1.8 / 2.0 primes, are looking mighty tempting right now…

    It’s nice that they’re ready for ~50 megapixels, though. I’ll be happy with the incredible (and proven by DXO) resolution that I can get with a D810 and a set of 1.8 G primes, personally…

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    • robert s

      if you didnt notice, lenses today are getting more and more complex. a lot of elements and a lot of them corrective.

      I have no issue with weight at all and ill take a lens like the sigma 50 ART over the POS nikon 50 g’s any day. the 3rd party MFR are upping their build quality while nikon is half assing their job with crap plastic build quality. cheap plastic bodies, plastic filter thread, plastic hood thread, cheap hood and slow molasses af compared to the D version. asking for more money and giving less.
      they went downhill with quality vs 3rd party MFR. and their quarterly revenues show it as well. 6 bad quarters and stock the lowest its been in over 3 years.

      this tamron will take a big chunk of nikons and canons sales for sure, if they price it aggressivelly ( my opinion is no more than $1100).
      the word from tamron is it will surpass anything out there (from nikon canon) and judging by the specs, coatings and the way it looks, I dont doubt them one millisecond.
      that VC will really come in handy and it has been known that the VC is better than nikons VR as well.

      Im all for these 3rd party MFR upping their game vs the OEM MFR. weight is the minute issue here and if anything, I prefer heft and mass then a tiny lens.
      give me a D4s and the monster 50 zeiss over a D610 and 50 1.8g anyday . its about time. where the hell were they till now. BRAVO to them!

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Robert, do you even own, or have you even held, any of the new Nikon 1.8 G primes, or any of the Sigma Art primes? It sounds like you haven’t.

      The Sigma Art primes use the same exact plastic filter thread mounts as the Nikon 1.8 G lenses. The Nikon 1.8 G lenses have a rear weather sealing gasket, and no Sigma / Tamron does, to the best of my knowledge. The ONLY thing Sigma Art lenses have on Nikon 1.8 G lenses is a bit more internal metal, that’s it.

      Nikon’s hoods are just the same if not better, functionally, than Sigma’s Art stuff.

      All in all, I’d say you’re trying to sound like a little bit more of an authority on the subject than you’re qualified to be. Personally I’ve reviewed or tested every Sigma Art lens ever made and Every Nikon 1.8 G prime lens ever made. I’m thoroughly proud of both the build quality and the image quality that each of the Nikon 1.8 G primes offers, and I know plenty of photographers out there who just don’t care to lug around a brick of a lens when all they’re doing is going out for a walk, or let alone when they have to hike 20 miles up a mountain.

      I get it, you like hefty lenses, and I know they feel well balanced on a pro body, and for certain types of photographers, heft is actually a good thing. But not for every photographer, and I don’t understand why so many people, not just yourself, can’t understand that.

      | |
    • robert s

      ~~Personally I’ve reviewed or tested every Sigma Art lens ever made and Every Nikon 1.8 G prime lens ever made. ~~

      when u wake pop your bubble, we can talk.

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Robert, I’m not trying to sound cocky, there’s just no other way to say that I’ve worked extensively with each and every one of the lenses you’re talking about, and I think you’re misinformed / downright guessing about the build quality / materials in them, in which case you shouldn’t talk about the one as if it’s complete crap, and the other as if it’s some sort of pinnacle of craftsmanship by comparison…

      So my question remains- have you actually handled any of these lenses, or are you just talking based on what you read from the specs online? It’s totally OK to talk about a lens you’ve never handled, I do it all the time about new lenses I haven’t held yet, however I always try to keep an open mind and consider that I might be wrong about something…

      | |
    • robert s

      Had the 50 1.4g and realized its just a joke with the slow AF. & so returned it. was going to get the 1.8 and heard about the rumored sigma ART, I have the 50 1.4D and the 50 1.8D and was going to sell both and add to get the sigma ART.

      went to the store and took the D3s to check it focusing as sigma have af accuracy issues, but couldnt bring myself to buy a boring 50mm for so much money. very nice build very nice colors and bokeh. killer sharpness.

      the nikon 50 1.4g was just horrible build quality. its a game of illusion to look nice but I see it when I hold it. its just horrible. nikon went downhill.

      im not a 50mm guy. I think its a very boring focal length. from time to time I do shoot with it. that and 35mm as well. boring to me. I prefer 24/20 or anything over 70mm.

      atm, im not buying any nikon glass for the time being. I think their build quality has come down and to me seems like their skimping because theyre trying to recoup from the flood of their factory. this is only my opinion though. Im thoroughly enjoying watching sigma tamron and tokina deliver excellent products that even better nikons and canons offerings.

      I preferred when they made things that were built like tanks. like the 85 1.4, the 105/135 DC the 180mm 2.8 the 200 f/4 MICRO 28 1.4D. I believe it was called “Nikon tough” todays, its just crap.

      | |
    • robert s

      and like I estimated $1100- BAM!!!

      supposed to surpass the nikon 14-24 AFS and focuses closer as well with 6mm on the long end. nikon is getting extreme competition from tamron and sigma. tokina is a bit slow ATM although a 24-70 2.8 was sighted in the wild.

      2 primes are to be released soon as well and I have a feeling CP+ in february will revel them. probably 50/85 1.4 and im not even asking, im handing over my CC and saying thank you.

      I think sigma also have something ARTsy to show us..

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Robert which 50 and 85 1.4 makers are you talking about? Tamron / Tokina? I haven’t heard anything from anyone about that, but I’d sure love to hear such delightful rumors!

      Tokina has been slow lately, but they have a great history of incredible ultra-wide lenses. I’d love to see them do a 2.8 prime and zoom in the ~16mm range, that’s for sure! I’d much rather have a 16mm 2.8 prime with 77mm filter threads, than the Tamron 15-30. Since as we already discussed, I’m a weight weenie.

      | |
  5. robert s

    Been eyeing that tamron 15-30mm VC since it first was talked about around august. supposed to surpass the nikon 14-24 AFS and I AM PSYCHED!!

    I have their 17-35 2.8-4 which is very nice and this will be a great upgrade. its a big ass lens though and more than 1.1kg!

    I think they will sell it a price that will break the market competition at around $1100. I could be wrong. but anything higher and Ill just keep my old Tamron as im not a big WA fan for use with people at weddings. it just stretches and warps them like crazy.

    | |
  6. Mac MacDonald

    I think it is a great idea. If you want mass adoption of your product and your product requires additional purchases to be utilized (lenses) It makes sense to have more lenses readily available to maximize your key products competitive advantages (high megapixel count). Third party lens providers are going to make them anyway, might as well have good lens coverage upon release of your uber-pixel camera body

    | |