The 50MP sensor rumors keep flying in. Canon is working on one and Sony is working on one – if you believe the rumors. Tamron has a new line of lenses in the works, called SP.2, which are being designed to resolve for these high res sensors, and the word on the street is that Sony tipped them off to how many MP their upcoming sensor would be…


According to the rumor report over on Sony Alpha Rumors, Tamron’s new SP.2 lens line, the first of which was announced recently in the upcoming 15-30mm F/2.8, has been designed to resolve for a high res sensor after Sony let Tamron know their upcoming FF sensor will be around 46MP.

The rumor goes on to state that, in addition to the upcoming 15-30mm, Tamron is also working on two new high quality prime lenses that will resolve for a ~46MP sensor. This info comes from a ‘reliable Tamron source’ as well, so the information appears to be about as legit as you can get from rumor report short of an official announcement or a leak.


All of you complaining about the D800 series sensor resolution should probably stay away from any new Sony announcements; you might want to rip your hair out! Another notable tidbit before I let you go: the rumor source also apparently said that the upcoming Sony sensor will come in both A and E mount FF bodies.

It sounds like Sony, and Tamron for that matter, are going to have a busy 2015…

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]