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Sony Patents Their Own Lytro-like Light Field Sensor

By Anthony Thurston on June 30th 2014

Light field sensors sure take a lot of the pressure off us photographers to nail down focus when we press the button. Unfortunately, these sensors – at least Lytro’s current editions of them – and the cameras they are in, are not quite up to par in the resolution and features department. According to a new Sony Patent though, that could change soon.


Sony has been developing their own light field sensor, and based on their patent, they think they have figured out a way around the low resolution limitation, and unlike Lytro, Sony has been making cameras for years. Sony knows what sort of features to make available on a camera for semi-pro and professional uses.

Sony Light Field Sensor Patent


I am not going to post the entire patent here, the above image should suffice. But for those of you who feel like having your eyes bleed, you can get more detailed written specs here.


What are your thoughts on Sony coming out with a light field camera? Do you think that this technology has a future in a professional photography setting? Leave a comment below.

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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  1. Servando Miramontes

    There will come the day in which people shooting with D7000’s and D3’s are considered hipster, nostalgic, purists…. hahahahahaha

    | |
  2. Matt Owen

    Hopefully they’ve also found a way around the fixed f/2.0 aperture. I like the idea but sometimes I want some real DOF.

    | |
  3. Glenn F

    doomed indeed, yes i see this as a monstrosity to photography, but also as the unfortunate future.. Life as we knew it,, has ceased…

    | |
  4. Greg Faulkner

    Wait until this technology is on iPhone then we’re all doomed lol

    | |
  5. Servando Miramontes

    “Here are some of the pics”….. “They look blurry now, but I’ll fix em in post….” – Get ready, people!

    | |
  6. Michael Chapman

    Time will tell whether or not Sony has something with this, but although I’m a Nikon user…I applaud their effort. In Free Market economies – it is competition that causes the cream to rise to the top. We all benefit from innovation and creative processes such as this. Our camera and photography equipment just gets better and better…

    | |