A somewhat out of the blue and long shot of a rumor just hit the web today regarding Sony and their possible plans to unveil a new $1,000 mirrorless full frame camera this September at Photokina.

Bildschirmfoto2013-10-31um094028_zpsae1feb39This rumor was first reported by the folks over at SAR (Sony Alpha Rumors), though they admit that the source is not someone known to them. In other words, dump the salt all over this rumor because this could be just some goofball in his mother’s basement trolling all of us. That said, this is a rumor that needs to be discussed.

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If the details in the rumor are true, this new mirrorless full frame would be similar in design and size to the NEX and Sony A6000 series of cameras. This would make it the smallest and cheapest full frame camera on the martket, something that would surely cause shockwaves across the industry, likely driving down prices of other full frame cameras as a whole.

I am very skeptical, to say the least, but if anyone is going to do it Sony is the company to do so. Canon is obviously oblivious to the benefits of a mirrorless line and Nikon is messing around with microscopic sensors in their mirrorless. I suppose Fuji could work up some sort of full frame, but I doubt they would have it as low as $1,000.


What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see Sony release a smaller mirrorless full frame for around $1,000?

[via SAR]