It’s hard to think that Sony could put out a much better APS-C E-mount camera than the A6000, the camera that makes all APS-C shooters drool. But alas, it appears Sony will attempt the feat in 2015.


Sony Has ‘High-End’ APS-C E-Mount Camera On The Way For 2015

According to a new report out of Sony Alpha Rumors, one of their ‘trusted’ sources (aka someone who has given accurate/truthful info in the past) has let it slip that Sony plans to announce a new high end APS-C E-Mount camera in 2015 that will sit above the A6000 on the Sony Totem Pole.

Right away, this sounds like it could possibly be the long awaited successor to the NEX-7. Though, at this point, there is no reason to say that quite yet, as no reliable specs have been shared regarding this camera.

Still, it would make sense for Sony to up their APS-C game as well, with Canon and Samsung both releasing impressive high end options in the last few months and Nikon expected to update theirs in early 2015. It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]