One of the biggest reasons that newer, or semi-pro/hobbyist photographers do not shoot a full frame camera has always been the price. For the longest time, a photographer could get a top end APS-C body for less than the lowest end Full Frame.


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That has changed a little bit now, with the release of more budget friendly full frame options like the Nikon D610 and Canon 6D. Sony’s A7 and A7 Mark II are great examples of affordable full frame options as well. But if a new rumor is to be believed, Sony may have plans to shatter the full frame price barrier.

The new report, over on Sony Alpha Rumors, which is rated an SR2 (so big grain of salt here), states that Sony will release a new full frame e-mount body for around $799 US for the kit. This would be a huge achievement for Sony, as it would be – by far – the cheapest full frame camera, and in many respects, making full frame shooting attainable by even regular ‘consumers’.


Obviously, there is not much to this rumor, and chances are it is bogus. But just think about it for a minute, a sub-$1,000 full frame mirrorless camera. That would be huge, wouldn’t it?

Now if only Sony could pump out new lenses as fast as they are releasing camera bodies…

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]