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Sony Australia’s Hilarious Ad Campaign Pokes Fun at DSLR Users – Funny or Offensive?

By fotosiamo on November 15th 2012

We can all appreciate some self-deprecating humor once in a while, can’t we? As a hilarious rib to the gearheads among us, Sony Australia launched a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign called DLSR Gear No Idea that pokes fun at our obsession with our beloved camera gear (guilty!) and the occasional lenscap malfunction that we may encounter. The caption for each video states that the characters “are the DSLR clueless – all the gear and no idea.”

It may be difficult to notice, but this quirky campaign is advertising the Sony NEX cameras. A funny side note, several of the characters are using Sony gear.

So who are these ads aimed at? What do you believe is the message that Sony is trying to say through these ads? Do you find them funny or offensive? And most importantly, which caricature is most like yourself or someone you know?

Lens Spotter

Foreign Correspondent

Sideline Hero

The Vidiot

The Status Updater

Click here to subscribe to the DSLR Gear No Idea Youtube Page. Thanks to The Verge for the link!


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    Thanks for posting

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    dang, they are set to private now :(

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    Oh god it cracked me up! Loved it! 

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    LOL this is hilarious!

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